The Thought for the Day – March 7, 2016

I will get ready, and then, perhaps, my time will come. – John Wooden

Some, perhaps a lot, of what happens in our lives is beyond our control. In all aspects, too, from day-in, day-out living to major goals we’ve set for ourselves. Success, or what we might perceive to be success, falls into this category.

Coach (I attended his basketball camp as a kid and grew up in Los Angeles, so I call him Coach) said today’s thought in the context of being a basketball player. Not every player can start. The coach decides who plays and when and, if you had modest talent like me, then your name wasn’t called all that often. All a player can do is become the best player he’s capable of. The rest is out of his hands.

I will get ready…

It’s the same for us in everyday life. We can’t do anything more than become our best, to prepare ourselves to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. It’s the way the world is built. A good example is my wife. We met at work, but we worked in a large hotel and our paths would not have crossed had someone not dropped a table on her leg. We met by pure luck.

…and then, perhaps, my time will come

If our time does come, good, seize the moment and make something good happen. If it doesn’t – or if it isn’t the moment we were looking for – that’s OK, too. Maybe our goals weren’t realistic or maybe it wasn’t meant to be. However, if we make our time serve us and put nature and circumstance to work for us, what is meant to happen in our lives will happen.

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