The Thought for the Day – Walt Disney

At Disneyland, nothing is impossible. – Walt Disney

Walt Disney was an American entrepreneur and film producer. Among other things, Disney created Mickey Mouse, virtually defined American animation and built Disneyland. His early interest in life was drawing and he is on the Hollywood Walk of Fame three times, twice on his own and once as Mickey Mouse. His 26 Oscars are far and away a record.

Disneyland completely revolutionized the amusement park racket. Instead of merely a collection of rides, Disneyland was a collection of experiences. You could go on a submarine ride or go to the moon. You could ride futuristic transportation modes such as the Monorail or People Mover or you could go into a tropically themed room and listen to island birds sing songs.

The only limits Disney put on himself where those where is imagination could not take him. He expected a lot out of himself and those who worked for him and he expected it every day.

…nothing is impossible.

This isn’t entirely true, of course. Lot’s of things are impossible. For example, me winning an Olympic sprinting medal is impossible. On the other hand, me writing something worthwhile for you to read every day is very possible. The key is sticking to your strengths having reasonable goals. 

But reasonable goals do not mean low goals. We must set our sights high because that is the only way great things are accomplished. The only way people look down from the summit to where they used to be is because they aimed high. As we say here from time to time, nobody ever climbed Mount Everest while wandering around the Gobi Desert.

Sometimes the biggest obstacle to our success looks us in the mirror every morning. With some courage to give something a try, with sufficient diligence to do it well and patience to do it every day and see it through to the end, you might be surprised at what you can accomplish because the only limits to what we can do are those we impose on ourselves. 

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