The Thought for the Day – Will Durant

[The Roman} took it for granted that the government had a right to value him purely according to his services to the state. He distrusted individuality and genius…He could only rule the world. – Will Durant, Caesar and Christ, Volume III: The Story of Civilization.

Will Durant was an American historian and writer and any mention of him must include reference to his wife Ariel, who collaborated with him on most projects. The Story of Civilization is an eleven volume set chronicling the Western world. It contains over four million words and nearly ten thousand pages.

While Durant acknowledged “the impossibility of one mind speaking with firsthand knowledge on every aspect of a complex civilization spanning a thousand years”. Despite this, and the flaws inherent in a project of this magnitude and scope, The Story of Civilization remains a landmark achievement in human letters.

The parallels between the Roman Empire and 21st century America are, if not stunning, certainly revealing, and today’s thought isn’t too far off from a being a pretty good description of America today.

…the government had a right to value him purely according to his services to the state.

The purpose of the American citizen now is no longer to chase dreams. It is to subscribe to government programs, to play by the rules so we can all pay our fair share of taxes so our government can do more and more things for us. We have completely ceded our power over the state so that now we are merely vassals, well-fed and well-entertained, the better to fall into compliance.

Our government is not even obliged to demand compliance, either, we are providing that voluntarily, standing by while our government pursues non-stop warfare, leading to the deaths of American fighting men and women and innocent civilians overseas.

The Roman Empire eventually collapsed and don’t kid yourself, America will, too, one day. This nation cannot sustain constant warfare end crushing debt forever. Personally, I give us until this half-century is out


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