The Thought for the Day – Woody Allen

The vision of the audience is never as deep as the vision of the artist involved…I think it is not a very satisfying accomplishment for me to aim at a more modest goal and achieve it. – Woody Allen

Woody Allen is an American filmmaker, writer and comedian. While most are familiar with is work as a filmmaker, some might recall he started out doing stand-up comedy and has also written some the funniest books in the English language. Marrying his step-daughter has sullied his reputation, of course, but looking at Woody artistically, he is virtually without peer.

He is virtually without peer because he had the courage to execute the vision he had for whatever project he was working on. It is the way of every artist be it a singer, painter, carpenter, baker or anyone else who creates anything. Every artist answers to something deep inside to use their chosen medium to say what they feel needs to be said. Every time an artist sits down to ply their trade they must ask themselves if they are creating based on what moves them from deep inside or are they merely reacting to outside elements?

As a screenwriter Woody Allen knew the script he wanted to write and as a filmmaker he had a vision for the movie he wanted to produce and good luck derailing him from that vision.

It is no different for us, because there is no substitute for knowing the script we want to write for ourselves and for knowing the life we want to end up with. We should be as diligent in producing the life we want, in saying what we need to say in our time on this planet, as any artist.

Anyone can ask us how are life is, but only we can provide the answer. Are we making our time serve us, or are we squandering it, passing aimless days that do not produce a dividend? If we are making our time serve us, we are probably looking back at goals met while looking ahead to future challenges. If we are not, eventually we will be looking back at years squandered.

it is not a very satisfying accomplishment for me to aim at a more modest goal and achieve it.

Anyone can be average. If you’re determined, you can even be mediocre, however, there is no satisfaction that attends being less than your best. The very best works of art were ushered into this world by artists who pursued their vision with diligence and courage. The happiest lives are lived by those who  relentlessly pursue the life they want.

It is there for anyone willing to work at it. All we need is the courage to go and get it.

The Thought for the Day runs regularly. Quotes are from Gaylon’s personal quotebook, begun in a motel room in Berkeley, California in 1988.

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