Thought for the Day – February 10, 2016

Democracy had fallen by Plato’s formula: liberty had become license, and chaos begged an end to liberty. – Will Durant, The Story of Civilazation: Caesar and Christ.

There are more than a few similarities between the Roman Empire before it fell and America in the second decade of the 21st century, when our nation is closer to falling than a lot of us realize.

Some might look at the above quote and say, sure, liberty has become a license for excess and violence and want our government to do something about it, but I think liberty has become a license for complacency, and our government can’t do anything about that. Only we can, however we are choosing not to.

I say this seemingly every hour on the hour: the 2014 midterms illustrated this perfectly: On Election Day 2014 Congress had an eleven percent approval rating. We still reelected 96 percent of incumbents, however. Our message was clear:

America is not happy with its government. America is unwilling to do anything about it.

If we were taking an active interest in our government, if we were holding our leaders accountable for what they are doing to our nation, we would have better government. We will always – and always means every single time – get the government we elect.

The chaos that attends the crumbling of great nations and peoples isn’t here yet, but it is on the way. Don’t kid yourself. If you are over 50 you might get off easy and die before complete anarchy sets in, but if you are under 50 you will probably witness it.

Some may scoff, but does anybody really think America can survive endless wars, constant domestic shootouts and mind numbing debt forever? Don’t be silly, of course we can’t. I give us until this half-century is out before our once-great nation falls. We cannot continue down this road without consequence.

…chaos begged an end to liberty.

The good news is this doesn’t have to happen. Even better news is the future of our country is firmly in our hands. We can change everything this November because the government we want is never farther away than the next election. All we need is concerned and conscientious citizens – you and me, we the people – demanding more of ourselves and our government.

When we do that, when we demand better at on Election Day, we will have better. A nation of demanding and participating voters will deliver the country we want.

As always, we will get the government we elect.

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