Thought for the Day – February 5, 2016

No one may hasten or alter his destiny.
                                                – Gore Vidal, Creation

All of us were put on this planet to do something. It is one of the earliest memories I can remember learning: all of us were born with certain talents and everyone can do something well. You learn this in grade school, where some are good at math and others at science or writing while some are better athletes than others. An annoying few can do all these things well.

It is up to us to decide if we are gong to do utilize the talents we were issued or if we are going to squander them. If we do put our talents to good use a well-lived life is the reward. If we do not, if we live out of step with what nature intended for us to do we are sentenced to an unfulfilling life where we are never entirely content, a life a half-step off from the path it was meant to take.

You are reading this because writing things for others to read is why I was put on this planet. To not do this would result in a life misspent. All of us have something we were meant to do, a destiny we are obliged to fulfill. We owe it to ourselves and our fellow humans go and fulfill it. A satisfying, well-lived life is our reward.  To go against your grain does not do you or your fellow humans any good.

No one may hasten or alter his destiny.

Once you are on your path, once you are living the life you are meant to live, what is meant to happen in your life will happen. It may not, heck, it probably won’t happen immediately, but that’s OK, some effort and some patience and it will. Everything us humans want out of life is on our path. All we have to do is stay on it.


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