A Peaceful America, A Peaceful World

Last time we talked we discussed the four things I want for our country. I want them as an America citizen, not only because I am a candidate for party’s US Senate nomination.

In case you missed it, here they are:

  1. An America that is at peace both inside and outside our borders;
  2. An American economy anchored in low taxes and free markets;
  3. An America that does not convict the innocent; and
  4. An empowered American electorate.

We don’t have any of those things right now and today I would like to talk about the first of them, an America at peace both inside and outside our borders.

We aren’t at peace anywhere right now. We’ve been at war somewhere on this planet continuously since we invaded Panama in 1989. Domestically, our nation has become a shooting gallery, with gunfire about as common now as shaking hands.

Nobody should be surprised at this. It’s all our fault. A large portion of the carnage and misery on our planet and in our country is the result of a government that continues to meddle in other nation’s affairs despite the fact history has relentlessly shown time and time again this does not work. We have a generation of Americans who have never known their country at peace of the rest of us, many can’t remember an America that wasn’t at war.

Anybody who tells you America can remain at war perpetually without consequence is either deluding you, deluding themselves or, as likely as not, both. We can’t. Perpetual war is not sustainable and there will come a time, probably before this half-century is out, where America will self-destruct, tossed aside the scrapheap of history, mankind’s great experiment in human liberty a failure.

I am running for the United States Senate again because I believe the time for peace has come. Our nation and our world has seen the consequences of an America perpetually at war. They have been as tragic as they’ve been widespread.

We are entitled to see the benefits of an America perpetually at peace.



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