Daily Report – Friday, June 7, 2018

Today’s edition of The Diary of a Nobody was particularly fun to write. It’s always a pleasure, of course, but for some reason the combination of spotty cell service at The Shire,  a complimentary lunch and a Bozo the Clown reference made us a tad more giddy than usual.

Sparrow is not entirely sure what’s going on his cell service. It is notoriously spotty in his small town, but it only seems to be out in the afternoon.

There was not a Thought for the Day either one or two years ago today, so we pulled one of our favorites out for you. It’s from July of last year and it’s from Minnesota Fats, a famous pool hustler of all things, who talks about everyone and everything being capable of greatness. We liked it so much we put in the Gaylon Hall of Fame, too.

On This Date
In 1776 – The Lee Resolution, which declared the “…United Colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and independent States…” is proposed in the Second Continental Congress by Richard Henry Lee and seconded by John Adams. The resolution would lead to the writing of the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson, which was presented to Congress on June 28. The Second Continental Congress would approve the Lee Resolution on July 2 and the Declaration of Independence on July 4.

In 1982 – Steve Garvey of the Los Angeles Dodgers becomes the fourth major league player to appear in 1,000 consecutive games, joining Lou Gehrig, Everett Scott and Billy Williams. Garvey would play in 1,207 consecutive games before the streak ended the following season, still a National League record.

In 1941 – Jimmy Dorsey hits #1 on Billboard’s Best Sellers in Stores chart (one of several Billboard charts that predated the Hot 100) with My Sister and I. It replaces his hit Amapola (Pretty Little Poppy) which had spent ten weeks at #1 and would be replaced by Dorsey’s Maria Elena the following week. It would mark the first time an artist replaces himself at #1 twice, a feat only accomplished one other time, by the Beatles in 1964.

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