Daily Report – Sunday, July 15, 2018

If it’s Sunday, and it is, The Sunday Bottom Ten is on tap. This feature, now almost six months old of all things, continues to be a pleasure to write, and we find ourselves thinking about it constantly and we trust you are enjoying it, too. This week President Trump’s legacy, Dragnet the American Media and the Los Angeles LeBrons are all ranked, and it’s a slow week for US drone strikes overseas.

Today on The Diary of a Nobody, Sparrow details his current coffee situation, plus the latest on what he is putting in his hair plus, in other hygiene/grooming notes, he discusses the return of his gray fingernails.

The Thought for the Day will return.

On This Date:
In 1838 – Ralph Waldo Emerson delivers what History refers to as the Divinity School Address to the graduating class of Harvard Divinity School. An ex-minister, Emerson stated that following one’s moral intuition is better than following religious doctrine and it is not required to believe in the miracles of Jesus. It was a very radical speech for the time, with Emerson surprised at the almost universal negative response it received.

In 1876 – George Bradley of the St Louis Brown Stockings throws the first no-hitter in major league history, defeating the Hartford Dark Blues 2-0. Bradley would lead the National League in shutouts (16) and ERA (1.23) in 1876, and would post a 171-151 record in nine major league seasons. Both the Brown Stockings and the Dark Blues left the National League after the 1877 season.

In 1950 – Mona Lisa by Nat King Cole is #1 on the Billboard Best Sellers in Stores chart for the first of five weeks. The song was written by the songwriting team of Ray Evans and Jay Livingston for the movie Captain Carey, USA and won the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1950.

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