January 16, 2018

All righty, it’s all over. The 2017 Bottom Ten season is complete with this week’s Tenny Awards. This marks the longest season in Bottom Ten history. Recall college football games started a week earlier in 2017 so, flexible as ever, we kicked things off the first-ever Preseason Q&A before the usual weekly surveys started. Then we brought back the Best Of column and now the guaranteed-to-be-an-instant-classic Tenny Awards are being issued for the first time, so there were three (3) extra weeks of The Bottom Ten this season.

The Tenny Awards have knocking around my mind for a couple of years, but this was the first year we were moved to actually write them. They were referenced in an early survey and awards and lines started showing up in our minds a couple-three weeks ago.

As usual, it is both easy and tough to let The Bottom Ten go. Easy because it runs over all or part of six (6) calendar months and we’re pretty sure we’re ready for the offseason. Tough because it’s a lot of fun. In the spring the first lines will start creeping in, usually some stuff about Duke – even though they are seldom ranked anymore – or the service academies, and by the time August rolls around we are ready to go again.

In today’s Daily Dose we talk about the Hawaii missile alert imbroglio and how we actually got a chuckle out of it and British author John Creasey has today’s Thought.

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