January 28, 2018

There are some dates you simply do not forget.

July 4, 1776
November 22, 1963
July 20, 1969

Better add January 28, 2018 to the list, too, as today marks the debut of an exciting new feature, The Sunday Bottom Ten.

The idea had actually been knocking around the old noggin for many years, but the inspiration never hit to make a go of it. Since we have an income independent of writing we have the luxury of writing what we want when we want, which allows new ideas to mature, sometimes in less than a decade. The Thought for the Day, which debuted a couple-three years at the old Writer’s Shack, is another example of an idea that took some time to come to fruition. The Diary of a Nobody is an example of a project whose inspiration came and went in a flash.

What really forced us to seriously consider The Sunday Bottom Ten was the backlog of Daily Dose column ideas we had in the docket. This is rare. Sometimes we might have an idea or, at most two, for future columns, but usually Daily Dose inspiration hits the day we write the column. Some readers have suggested a non-football Bottom Ten over the years but writers dislike advice almost as much as they need it, and this gave us an excuse to put it off again.

It will, of course, remain a work in progress, though soon enough we should have the same banal recurring lines and awards we’ve come to know and love in the football Bottom Tens.

We anticipate this will cut the number of Daily Dose columns down to four per week, but perhaps not. We’ll see. The Thought for the Day should not be affected, though that feature is being given a day off. 

As always, you’re feedback, no matter how positive, is welcome. Please leave them in the Facebook comments box below.  

Many thanks for reading.

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