Monday, May 21, 2018

One of the nice things about keeping odd days and odd hours is the meaning attached to the days of the week have little significance. So while Monday’s have no special significance for us, for those of you starting your work week today with some dread, we have quality drivel to make it tolerable.

First, in The Diary of a NobodySparrow, among other things, talks about the types of birds showing up at The Shire’s bird feeder.  Sparrow, of course, is utterly incapable of IDing them, but perhaps you can from his halfwit descriptions. Also, there is a triumphant entry in the sleep log.

One year ago today, Will Durant, talking about Voltaire, had our Thought for the DayIt concerns finding your voice and forging a path for it, something we are all capable of.

On This Date
1927: American Charles Lindbergh landed in Paris, finishing the first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean. It had taken him 33 hours to fly from Long Island, New York.

1971: Three Dog Night was in their fifth of six weeks at #1 with Joy to the World. 

In other news, Gaylon For Congress went live yesterday, talking about our latest mass shooting and how this violence will not end as long as we have a violent American government. You can relive the magic here.

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