October 1, 2017

A very good Daily Dose for you today, campers. We start with further discussion about how our American economy is never going to flourish until it is anchored in low taxes and free markets. This isn’t a very popular concept in America right now, but it should be because excess taxes and regulations are not working.

There is some solid On This Date action, too, including an item on the retirement of the USS Blueback, the final diesel submarine in the United States Navy. As some of you may know, we served on the Blueback ages ago, towards the end of her long and honorable service to our country. It was the end of an era and us smoke boat sailors are, literally, a dying breed and good luck keeping the country standing once we’re gone.

James Meredith has The Thought for the Day, about how civil rights are an insult, relegating blacks to second-class citizenship. Mr Meredith was the first black to enter the University of Mississippi and today’s Thought cuts right to the heart of our American experience.

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