October 29, 2017

Today’s Menu: The Daily Dose and The Thought for the Day

We didn’t intend to go three days between columns, but that is how it worked out. We keep rather odd hours right now and we sat down at the time we usually produce Saturday’s columns we were dead tired, frankly. We do not need to be fresh from the sack when we write, but we needed more than the few hours sleep we’d had over the past couple of days.

The mind is no different than the body in this regard: both need their rest to be at their best and we write completely unreadable stuff when we’re tired, so we took the day off.

Today’s Daily Dose addresses a problem not everyone is aware of: the declining number of sports officials. This isn’t the biggest problem facing America right now, but more and more those responsible for finding officials for games are having a tough time doing that and today we talk a bit about why that is.

This will surprise you, but Gore Vidal’s Creation produced our Thought for the Day. This is our all-time favorite book, for our money as good a book as the English language has produced. It is a historical novel set in Persia in the 5th and 6th centuries BC, beginning during the reign of Darius the Great. The main character, the made-up Cyrus Spitama, who sent by Persian kings on missions to, among other places, India and China.




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