October 3, 2017

Today’s Lineup:

The Bottom Ten/NCAA Week 5
The Daily Dose
The Thought for the Day

Good morning readers,

We’re glad you stopped by today. As usual for Tuesday’s, we have three columns for you.

In the Bottom Ten, the race for the ESPN Cup is in Week 6. Air Force is in the survey, which is good because Bottom Ten pollsters get a lot of mileage from the service academies and enjoy having them around. At 1-3, Air Force is the current favorite for the Sgt Bilko Trophy, symbolic of service academy lousiness.

We didn’t cut and paste the column from the Orlando shooting for today’s Daily Dose, but today’s thoughts on the Las Vegas mass shooting is somewhat similar: we have violent citizens because we have a violent government.

And today’s Thought for the Day is by Abraham Lincoln.

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