September 26, 2017

Good morning.

Everything you read here comes from the heart. There is no other reason for a writer to ply his trade. If a writer does not believe in every word he commits to paper he is not writing, he is typing. I would be wasting your time and spinning my wheels. So the end results you read here are always something I am pleased with, otherwise, I wouldn’t offer it to you.

But sometimes the finished product is a bit better than usual. So it is with the Week 5 NFL Bottom Ten, which was a joy to write and is one of my all-time favorites. We’ll see if you like it.

Longtime readers, and I mean those of you go back ten years to when the Daily Dose first started at the old Writer’s Shack, might well remember when that feature usually discussed couple-three items before diving into the treasured On This Date, Trivia and Quotebook segments. Eventually, it evolved into the crap you enjoy today, where the first half of the column is devoted to one issue.

Totally by chance, we return to those roots today, as there were no less than five items we found interesting, everything from black hockey players to the pope. It was one of those rarities where several things caught our eye but not enough to devote a full column toward.

The Thought for the Day will return.

Have a good day, with many thanks for reading.


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