September 30, 2017

As we’ve noted here before, you never really know when or where you will find something of value.

Most of our Thoughts for the Day come from books or speeches or something else written. Some we were at when they were uttered. Today’s Thought for the Day comes from an interview of a convicted felon in a documentary about a triple-murder his son was convicted of participating in.

The man’s name is Delbert Burkett. Unlike another prisoner on the show, Burkett is not looking for sympathy or whining about he is getting screwed. He faces up to his failures and his appearance on the show is memorable and somewhat profound.

The Daily Dose returns, too. Today we chat about President Trump’s plan to overhaul the tax code. While we are on record as favoring tax reform and tax cuts, we do not see any merit in President Trump’s proposal.

The first downing of an aircraft from the ground and Babe Ruth are highlighted in On This Date and Georges Clemenceau has the selection from the quotebook.

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