Staying Active Until The Next Election

Even though it is not campaign season, from time to time I will get asked by a citizen who is not pleased with our government what they can do during these partisan, fractured and bickering times.

Because it isn’t easy right now. Until at least the 2020 election, America will be led by a president whose only real talent is drawing attention to himself, who is as big a fiasco as president as he was as a candidate and a private citizen.

The 2018 midterm elections will offer some zero help, because regardless of what happens, nothing of substance will get done. If the GOP retains control of Congress it will be more of the same. If the GOP retains only one house, it will be even worse. If the Democrats retake both houses of Congress they will find some reason to impeach Trump, especially if any of the investigations into the Trump Administration show so much as a parking ticket.

No matter what happens, America will be spending the remainder of this presidential term marking time. We will have done nothing to address our biggest problems of perpetual war and crushing debt and we will be four years closer to the end of the American Experiment, because our nation will collapse, probably before this half-century is out, if we do not make substantive changes to the way we are governed

What to do?

The worst thing we can do is nothing. At the very least every concerned citizen – you and me, we the people – regardless of affiliation, must stay informed. Pay attention to what our government is doing to us – not for us, to us – and not just on your favorite issue, either, because a single issue outlook isn’t going to do you, me or our country any good. Take a step back and take a big picture view and ask yourself if you like America’s long-term prospects. Do you think our country can stand non-stop war and mindless debt forever? If you give this question serious thought and conclude that yes, America can withstand non-stop war and a crushing national debt, well, I  am going to shake your hand for caring enough to think about this enough to come to a conclusion, even though I disagree with you.

More than anything, if you are not happy with America’s long-term prospects, be prepared to put your ballot where your mouth is the next time you vote. Voting for a Republican or a Democrat will change nothing. You know it, I know it and they know it, too. All and R or a D will do is keep spoon feeding us the status quo as long as we keep allowing it. The government we want is, as it always is, as close as the next election. All we need is the courage to go and get it on Election Day.



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