The 2016 Website Is Up

Friends, go, visit the latest version of The Freedom Train. This was the official campaign for my Congressional candidacy in 2012 and my US Senate candidacy in 2014 and I am pleased to announce it is back for duty in 2016.

The name The Freedom Train was chosen very carefully. More than anything, The Freedom Train describes us – you and me, we the people – who are committed to making good things happen to our government. Nothing is going to change until collectively we decide we’ve had enough mediocre government and deserve better and are determined enough to stop reelecting incumbents.

We need your support. It is not enough to read my writings and vote for me, though I appreciate both. I need your contribution. There are no two ways about it. The other candidates will have money and if we are going to enter the castle and join the battle we need money, too.

So, please, donate today. Visit for details about how to donate online or by check. Liberty is the best investment anyone can make and with your help we can take The Freedom Train to Washington this November.

Many Thanks,


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