The Daily Dose – Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Daily Dose/August 7, 2018
By Gaylon Kent
America’s Funniest Guy

The drivel simply does not stop. Here’s what’s on tap for you today:

Leading Off
You know, we are not paying too much attention to the Paul Manafort trial but we have noted this:  

The sum total of most of our human experience is people trying to consolidate wealth and power and Manafort seems to have been born with more than the usual measure of greed. He has put an awful lot of effort into making an awful lot of money. All right, bully for him. Greed, like any ruling passion, is an awesome master to answer to.

But we couldn’t help thinking that if the US had a low tax environment for people to get rich in, people wouldn’t need to hide money in offshore banks. They could pay their share of taxes – the same low rate you and I would pay – and could carry on being rich. It is similar to our nation’s drug laws: legalize drugs and today’s drug lords are merely tomorrow’s vendors looking to move a product there is a great deal of demand for. America, however, has yet to heed this lesson.

Today At The Site
Today on The Diary of a Nobody, Sparrow notes that some of the plants in the garden that had been lagging are coming back to life, specifically the two hanging plants, one under a tree and another by the bird feeder. Also, Sparrow continues to fret about whether or not to enter the onions in the county fair.

George Carlin, one of the funnier people our species has produced, as The Thought for the Day. Like all good comics, Carlin has points to make and today’s thought concerns salad shooters and socks with blinking lights.

On This Date
In 1942 – The Battle of Guadalcanal begins in the Pacific Theater of World War II. It was the first major offensive by Allied forces against Japan and the six-month battle would result in an Allied victory.

In 2007 – Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants hits his 756th major league home run, breaking the career record established by Henry Aaron. Aaron had broken Babe Ruth’s record of 714 home runs in 1974, while Bonds would retire with 762 home runs, still the all-time record.

In 1971 – The Bee Gees hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the first time with How Can You Mend a Broken Heart. The song spent four weeks at #1 and also went to #1 in Canada and Malaysia. To date, the Bee Gees have had nine #1 songs, including six consecutive #1’s from 1977-79, a mark that is tied with the Beatles for second all-time.

Answer To The Last Trivia Question
The last time the US executed someone in the electric chair was in 2013 when Virginia executed Robert Gleason, Jr.

Today’s Stumper
What act has the most consecutive #1 songs on the Billboard Hot 100? – Answer next time!

Shameless Plugs
Backstairs at the Monte Carlo: A Vegas Memoir!: Clock in with the graveyard crew at the Monte Carlo Security Department on the glamorous Las Vegas Strip. You’ll meet drunks, reprobates and scoundrels, and those are just the officers! The funniest Vegas memoir ever! Promise!

The Regular Guys: Meet Lenny and Larry, two comedians who team up more or less out of desperation and become the biggest in show business. As funny as you would expect from Gaylon, and poignant, too.

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