The Daily Dose/Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Daily Dose/October 16, 2018
By Gaylon Kent
America’s Funniest Guy

In The News
Friends, in a blatant attempt to get you in the habit of reading this crap on a daily basis, we are pleased to announce Read Free Week has been extended into Read Free Fortnight.

We are not making that up.

This means you get another two (2) weeks of the content we usually charge for – The Diary of a Nobody, The Bottom Ten and our books – at no charge.

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Today at the Site
A newspaper in Sparrow’s Congressional district runs the wrong Op-Ed piece, running one they ran in the spring instead of the one he submitted a couple of weeks ago on today’s edition of The Diary of a Nobody. Also, Sparrow wonders why hunters wear bright orange vests when they go hunting dressed like shrubbery.

They said they had an hour drive and another 90-minute walk before they could set up shop, which seemed like a lot of work to me because I wouldn’t drive an hour and then walk another hour-and-a-half to shoot Big Foot, but I am not a hunter.

Hut, hut hike, the race for the ESPNCup, issued to the collegiate Bottom Ten champion, hits high gear on The Bottom Ten/NCAA Week 8. With defending champion UTEP taking the week off, Nebraska is ranked #1 for the first time. Go Big Red!

Game not as close as score indicated, as [Kent State] Golden Flashes punt, miss field goals or turn ball over in first eleven (11) possessions before scoring touchdown on final drive against assorted Miami PE majors earning Practical Experience credits. 

The Thought for the Day will return.

On This Date
In 1946 – Ten of the twelve Nazis convicted at the main Nuremberg Trials are executed by the US Army in a gymnasium adjacent to the prison they were being held. The executions were not the most technically precise in history as the trap door was too small, resulting in several Nazis banging their heads and the drop was too short, resulting in some strangling to death instead of having their neck broken. From the first to the last, the executions took one hour and 34 minutes.

In 1968 – After winning the gold and bronze medals in the 200-meters, Americans Tommie Smith and John Carlos raise their fists while The Star-Spangled Banner is played during the medal ceremony at the Mexico City Olympics. For their efforts at drawing attention to racial inequality, Smith and Carlos were kicked out of the Games. Silver medalist Peter Norman of Australia protested, too, wearing an Olympic Project For Human Rights patch on his sweatsuit jacket. He was criticized in Australia and was not selected for the 1972 Olympics despite having a qualifying 200-meter time. When Norman died in 2006, Smith and Carlos were pallbearers at his funeral.

In 1965 – Yesterday by the Beatles is #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 for the second of four weeks. It was the fifth #1 of the year for the Beatles, the second-most ever in a calendar year, trailing only the six #1 songs they had in 1964. Yesterday also went to #1 in Sweden Norway, the Netherlands and Belgium, but wasn’t released a single in Great Britain until 1976, when it peaked at #8.  

Answer To The Last Trivia Question
The double-sided hit that spent eleven weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 was Hound Dog/Don’t Be Cruel by Elvis Presley in 1956.

Today’s Stumper
Who were the two Nazis who were convicted at the Nuremberg trials who were not executed with the others? – Answer next time!

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