The Daily Dose/Saturday, October 12, 2019

The Daily Dose/October 12, 2019
By Gaylon Kent
America’s Funniest Guy

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Notes from around the human experience…

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Today At The Site:
The Diary of a Nobody
Sparrow has the latest real estate news from the small town. Today’s Diary.

That dump a few houses down Main Street from The Shire is still for sale, too, at 180…It had a bit more curb appeal after the snow fell – snow could make a slum look somewhat appealing – but in the next day or two the snow will be gone and it will be a dump again…Almost funny is the description advises our small town is “thriving” which I tend to doubt because thriving small towns have a diner where you can get a first-rate Stromboli and a prime rib on Saturday night and our diner has been closed for a while now.

It’s Sparrow, an average man passing an average life.

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On This Date
In 1492 – An expedition led by Christopher Columbus becomes the first Europeans to make landfall in what would become the New World, though History has never established if it was the present-day Bahamas or Turks and Caicos that was discovered. The expedition would later visit present-day Cuba and Haiti before setting sail for home in January. On the voyage, Columbus had discovered his compass no longer pointed to the North Star, a phenomenon known as magnetic declination, though it was later shown this was known in other parts of Europe and in China. 

In 1986 – Walter Payton of the Chicago Bears becomes the first NFL player to accumulate 20,000 all-purpose yards in a 20-7 win over the Houston Oilers. Payton ran for 76 yards and had 30 receiving yards to bring his career total to 20,045 yards. The record is now held by Jerry Rice (23,546 yards) and Payton is now third on the all-time list behind Brian Mitchell (23,330 yards). 

In 1940 – I’ll Never Smile Again by Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra with Frank Sinatra and the Pied Pipers are at #1 on Billboard’s National Best Selling Retail Records chart – the predecessor of every other Billboard chart – for the twelfth and final consecutive week. The song was written by Canadian songwriter and pianist Ruth Lowe, who wrote it after her husband had died during surgery. I’ll Never Smile Again had first hit #1 on July 27, the first #1 song on the first-ever Billboard chart.

Give me a great effect here so I can take the audience by the throat and choke it with splendor.
Robertson Davies
The Lyre of Orpheus

Answer To The Last Trivia Question
Neil Diamond has had 38 Top 40 hits on the Billboard Hot 100.

Today’s Stumper
What the second song to spend at least twelve weeks at #1 on a Billboard pop chart? – Answer next time!


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