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Readers, welcome.

We have lots of funny stuff for you to read. Your faves can be purchased individually and 4Ever and Ever Access is available, too.

The Diary of a Nobody
Backstairs at the Monte Carlo
Click on the button to enjoy both classics every day for only $5.99. Purchase includes Backstairs at the Monte Carlo ebook access, too. 

The 2019 Bottom Ten
Relive the magic of the quests for the ESPNCup and The Dan Henning Trophy for only $2.99.

Books By Gaylon
Gaylon has funny and thoughtful books for sale. Ebooks come in a variety of formats, including our popular flipbook format. Click on the title for excerpts and a sample chapter and the opportunity to buy the entire ebook.

Criminals, Courtesans, and Constables – $3.99
Notable for an unnamed protagonist, two lines of dialogue, taking place everywhere from throne rooms to death row.
The Regular Guys – $3.99
Lenny and Larry, two comedians with careers going nowhere, team up to become the biggest act in show business.
Backstairs at the Monte Carlo: A Vegas Memoir – $3.99
Join the graveyard crew of the Monte Carlo Security Department on the Las Vegas Strip. To get any closer to the action, you’d have to clock in and go to work yourself.
We The People: Making America America Again – $2.99
Gaylon, a past Libertarian nominee for the United States Senate and House, shows there is nothing wrong with our country that cannot be solved by concerned and conscientious citizens.

The Bottom Ten/4Ever and Ever – $4.99
Enjoy the laughs forever and ever. One heck of a deal.

The All-You-Can-Read Buffet
Would you like all you can read, forever and ever access to Gaylon’s stuff?
Of course, you would. Click on the button to do just that.

$59.99 gets you:
– All books past, present, and future
– Columns, too, including The Bottom Ten.
– Archive access. Years and years of Gaylon!


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