The 2 Week, $2 Test Drive

Friends, in addition to our regular subscription offers, we are pleased to offer you yet another way to give us your money: The 2 Week, $2 Test Drive.

That’s right, for $2 you get to read the site for the next two weeks – and includes the thrilling Bottom Ten/NCAA Final column – a great way to see if a regular subscription is for you. This subscription does NOT automatically renew, either. You pay only $2 for two weeks of access to The Diary of a Nobody and The Bottom Ten, plus our books. You may purchase as many Test Drives as you like.  

Dry, Technical Matter: due to some tech issues, Two Week Test Drive subscribers will not be able to read columns posted before December 9. 

Once you’re ready, we have three plans for you to choose from: Monthly ($4.99) / Yearly ($49.99) / Forever and Ever ($59.99). Click here to subscribe. The monthly and yearly plans renew automatically. As noted, the Two Week $2 Test Drive does not. 

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