The Daily Dose/Sunday, April 28, 2019

The Daily Dose/April 28, 2019
By Gaylon Kent
America’s Funniest Guy

The Sunday Bottom V
The very worst of the week that was, now numbered with a Roman numeral, like Super Bowls and world wars. 

  1. Democratic Presidential Nomination Field – With the announcement that NYC cab driver Tommy Shines has entered race, every registered Democrat in US has now declared candidacy, showing party is as disjointed and fractured as the rest of America. 
  2. Minimum Wage – Democratic candidates now racing to pander to unions about raising minimum wage despite fact government-mandated wages merely raise business costs which are passed on to you and me, raising everybody’s standard of living, thereby negating benefits of making more money. 
  3. Uncle Tom’s Cabin – Sunday Bottom V pollsters “pretty sure” they have no idea why it took so long to read as good a book as our species had produced…Book cuts right to the heart of our human experience, pointing out that 1) us humans, without fail, always do what’s in our self-interest, the only variable being what that self-interest is and 2) some people accept the status quo while 3) some people do not.
  4. Pro Hockey Playoffs – Hold on to your hats, both NHL conference top seeds and all other division champions, plus last year’s finalists, were all dismissed in first round…Meanwhile, Sunday Bottom V pollsters fave San Diego Gulls soar into second round of AHL playoffs. 
  5. US Drone Strikes – Special Olympics reps declare extra cupcake, punch ration for US commanders as drone strikes finally hitting magic baker’s dozen 13 mark  for kids deaths in 2019…Calling then “superfluous, President Trump rescinds government drone strike reporting requirement, which they had been ignoring anyway, though drone fans comfort themselves with fact previous government reports weren’t particularly accurate to begin with.  
    Source: Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Today At The Site
The Diary of a Nobody
Sparrow has three walk-ins at the hotel and presides over the spring Legion district convention. Today’s Diary. 

Greg was talking with some others about other district commanders and how there are those who are hell-bent on having “total control” of their districts…I was sitting at one end of the table and I glance off to my left…Bob, Stanko, and Ed, whose commander of the post in the next county, are there.

“Do I have total control???”

This got some laffs, as it should have…It’s a pretty good line…Stanko, who comes from rather serious central European stock, treated it as a legitimate query, however, shaking his head and saying no…Then Ed opened his yap:

Ed: You think you do, tho…
Sparrow: Well, let me know when I do…
Ed, nodding his head: I’ll keep you posted, Commander.

It’s Sparrow, an average man passing an average life.

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On This Date
In 1986 – The first public signs of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster – which happened two days earlier – are seen when workers at a Swedish nuclear facility show increased levels of radiation. Curious, the Swedish government asked the Soviet Union government if, you know, they had had a nuclear disaster recently, which led to the Soviet’s first public acknowledgment of the incident.

In 1930 – The first regular season night game in American professional baseball is played in Independence, Kansas, when the Muskogee Chiefs defeat the Independence Producers 13-3 in a Class C Western Asociation game. Previous minor league night games had been exhibitions and the first major league night game would not be played until 1935. 

In 1973 – Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon is at #1 Billboard’s album chart – then known as the Top LPs & Tape chart and now known as the Billboard 200. It would appear regularly on the chart for the next 15 years and reappeared again in 2009 after Billboard changed its criteria for charting. Despite the fact The Dark Side of the Moon has spent a record 942 weeks on Billboard’s album chart over the decades – the equivalent of over 18 years – this was the album’s only week at #1. 

…there was the powerful impulse of vanity, a motivation which has never had its due recognition in historical works.
William E. Woodward

The Way Our People Lived

Answer To The Last Trivia Question
There was not a Trivia question last time, silly. 

Today’s Stumper
What album currently on Billboard’s album chart has spent the most total weeks on the chart? – Answer next time!

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