The Diary of a Nobody/October 21

Meet Sparrow, an average man passing an average life…

Monday, October 21
So much for my slow night…This proves the value of a lesson I learned back in my sports officiating days: you can’t go into a game or a shift with preconceived notions because you may not be prepared for what actually happens. 

This happened tonight…Based on an audit of tonight’s numbers I did last night, I was expecting to have the audit done by 0030, a good time for a moderately slow night…Wrong-o…Q and Amy had a buttload of walk-ins, seemingly all of them for one night, which meant I had a buttload of folios to deliver…Plus we were busy, too…We have a TV production company in-house for the week – no, they’re not filming a special on shifters, the complimentary post-shift toddy we’re entitled to at the bar – and they were filtering in off and on from right when I got there until 0100 or so…They were already checked in and there’s no payment to take because the company, of course, is paying for the room and keys were already made so all we had to do was verify an ID, get a signature and two initials, explain the $10 breakfast coupon deal and order them to enjoy their stay…All this takes time, tho, and yours truly wasn’t back from delivering folios until 0130 or so. 

One of the things I delivered was a $60 cash refund to 156…They had paid cash for their room and whoever checked them in had also collected the $20/night incidental charge we normally authorize on a credit card even tho we don’t customarily collect deposits for cash stays (most places do)…Q informed me the cash was in an envelope on the back desk and requested I deliver it when delivering folios.

OK, but this sounded off from the start…Why Q didn’t deliver it is still not entirely clear…The money came from his drawer, too, but he didn’t post the refund in the system, I did, so now it’s on my drawer, tho Tammy told me to make a note I was correcting Q’s muck up. 

I’ll tell you what, long-time readers of this crap recall my exalted tenure working the Doily Delivery Truck up here for a couple-three years…One thing you learn delivering doilies is you never – and never means not once – deliver or receive anything without a receipt…Say I slid it under the door and they come down wondering where their refund is???…I was prepared to put a note under their door saying their refund was at the front desk when ol’ Sparrow came up with the utterly brilliant idea of videoing my sliding it under the door…And what a production it was, too…I started with a wide shot of my approach to 156, then got a close-up of the door and room number, with a hard cut to the bottom where I displayed the envelope, with the room number written on it, and a mid-range shot of yours truly sliding it under the door…You don’t mess around with money, especially when it’s not yours.

The big news in town is the first murder since 2016…I am not making that up…It actually happened a few days ago, in an unincorporated area south of here, where a guy in his 20s got his ass handed to him, beaten up so good he was tuff to identify…Yesterday the paper heralded three arrests in the case, all ne’er do wells…You always click on articles like this when you live in a small town in case you know either the victim or the perps, but I am either pleased or sad (I’m not sure which) to report neither The Wife or I know anyone involved…The last murder I knew someone who knew the victim and years ago an old friend had his dad shot to death during a robbery and I threatened to kill my brother when we were kids, but that is my only experience with murder. 

No messages and no emails of any particular importance at the Veterans Service Office today…The roads were awful, so it’s hardly a bulletin no one came by…Well, Kelly, the Human Services department head braved the weather to cross the street and come visit…She’s always been very gracious to me because I suspect she lives in constant fear I’ll leave…She said the county has some long term plans about building another building that would house our department, and I would have an office in that building…Well, it would be nice to have a window, but on the other hand, I’m left alone and I work well having the boss and the rest of the department across the street and I would hate to change that…But I’ve learned over the years not to get too worked up about things like this because sometimes they don’t happen so there is no point worrying about it. 

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: 1530 Monday until 2130 Monday…6.0 hours, about average for Monday but the big news is Ol’ Sparrow did not get up to use the can once!!!

I am not making that up…The last time I made it thru an entire sleep session without using the can was, I think, when I was twelve…I’ve been taking some supplements and had a banana before turning in, too, and they all appeared to do their duty tonight. 

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence. 

It was inspired by the 19th century British novel of the same name. 

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