The Daily Dose/Tuesday, June 8, 2021

The Daily Dose/June 8, 2021
By Gaylon Kent
America’s Funniest Guy

Editor’s Note: Gaylon is working on a project and most elements of The Daily Dose – Leading Off, The Sunday Bottom 5, On This Date, Some Philosophy Crap, Trivia – are either on hiatus or running intermittently. Your full-service Daily Dose will return, probably later this spring, though perhaps in the summer.  

Today At The Site
Writing worth reading. Usually. 

The Diary of a Nobody – Sparrow frets over the new back office chair at the hotel. Today’s Diary. 

I don’t know why they got rid of the old chair…It was still in good shape and as near as I can tell earned wide acclaim and drew no complaints and regular readers of this crap know a change of this magnitude has the potential to cause yours truly all kinds of angst because few are as big a creature of habit as moi…The old chair was comfortable and while the seat of the new chair is hardly laced with thumbtacks, the arms are not adjustable!!!…I am not making that up…

Some Philosophy Crap
The wisdom of the ages. Whatever. 

Oh, what low joke was Fortuna playing on him now? Arrest, accident, job! Where would this dreadful cycle ever end?
John Kennedy Toole
A Confederacy of Dunce


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