The Diary of a Nobody/June 8

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It’s Sparrow, an average man passing an average life…

Tuesday, June 8
Twice today people tried to pass blame off on me when nothing was my fault…Both were rather subtle about it, too.

There’s been a rash of this lately, too…Recall last week at the VSO a veteran I’m serving tried to make it my fault I hadn’t called him despite the fact I’d left two messages and even made an unannounced house call to his trailer.

The first was the appraiser…Recall yours truly had blown off his first attempts to contact me a month ago so he could appraise The Shire for the refinancing, a circumstance that would not have come up if ol’ Sparrow could have been bothered to take unscreened calls or check his voicemail…I called Monday before going to sleep and left a message and there was a message from him when I woke up last night before heading into the hotel…Its general tone, tho not his specific words, made it seem like it was my fault it took so long for us to connect and that he’d been trying to call me for ages, despite the fact his return call was his first call to me since May 11.

Then a guest tonight tried to pass off the fact he screwed up his travel reservations on us…He came in and said he had a reservation and I asked his name and it wasn’t the name of the lone remaining arrival we had…All right, this happens sometimes and is not a reason to panic, tho the fact he said he had two rooms was noteworthy because we are otherwise sold out tonight. 

So he heads out to get his phone so he can produce his reservation number and I do some checking and his reservation for today has already checked in…Further investigation shows the reservation was made today and was later checked in by Amy…One room, tho, not the two he specified. 

He comes back in and just for funsies I ender his name in the Update Reservation section and BOOM there he is, two rooms for arrival this past Saturday nite, departing Tuesday morning, the two-room, three-night stay he said was scheduled for arrival Monday afternoon…Both rooms no-showed and they were billed for the night and checked out…He shows me the reservation confirmation on his phone and it’s the same reservation.

Fabulous, another wizard who can’t keep track of his travel arrangements trying to scam a room…To reinforce none of this was his fault, he asked why he wasn’t advised of this when he called today to ask about his worker (who is the one checked in today) arriving even tho they are completely separate stays and about as connected as Mars and the Eiffel Tower…I advised him they were separate reservations and were not related and he shrugged, tacitly admitting defeat because we are sold out and there are no rooms for him here.  

You can’t waste your time making a big deal out of these things, tho…These people have bigger problems than we can solve. 

There’s already been a change to my new Touch Screen Policy…Recall yesterday I promulgated one that stated it was to only be used at the front desk computer and not in the back office because I was under the impression it would be too much work to lean forward…This isn’t really the case, tho: the back office monitor is well within arm’s reach even when in the somewhat reclined position maintained by ol’ Sparrow.

The problem tho, is it is a hassle to go from touch screen to mouse and back…It’s easier to keep using the mouse – or my treasured keyboard shortcuts – so while touch screen usage is now authorized in the back office, it won’t be used a whole lot. 

Recall Mark has been using red ink and blue highlighter for accenting his cash drawer spreadsheets (CDSS) with lately…This is boring, so to tempt him when he comes in tonight I put every color pen and highlighter we have within easy reach of his preferred left computer…We’ll see if he bites. 

I dispensed with the usual Tuesday lift/walk/soak routine and went home and mowed the lawn…Usually, of course, I would have hired the kid but for some reason yours truly was in the mood to do it himself and I wanted it done today, too.

I think the dandelions might be done for the season…The stems were still tall, but the number of yellow flowers is about zero now, so maybe their work is done for the season…(I read their roots help aerate the soil and they distribute nutrients above ground).

Some good watering was accomplished, too…In fact, I started while mowing, getting the sprinkler going on the back section near the alley (the old Sector D) and ended up getting about half the lawn a good soaking before retiring for the day. 

The big news is the appraisal for the refinancing is scheduled for Thursday…I finally got in contact with the appraiser and since Thursday is my only day off, he said he’d come up then…This was actually another reason I wanted the lawn mowed, for some good curb appeal, tho how much that factors into an official appraisal is not immediately clear…It can’t hurt tho.

The latest home bot evaluation Katherine my lender sends me valued The Shire at 217 and the website I use says it’s 237, so we’ll see what I end up being able to borrow, tho it may not be the maximum amount…It turns out the appraiser is the same guy who appraised The Shire for last year’s refinancing and his figure then was spot on what the website valued The Shire at then (175), so we’ll see. 

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: 1530 Tuesday until 2130 Tuesday…6.0 hours for the day and 21.0 hours for the week. 

I took one of the SomSleep drinks after doing the lawn and it did squat today…Or didn’t do squat…I can’t remember which one’s correct…Anyway, it’s done a pretty good job of getting and keeping me asleep, but not today…I don’t whether to blame the drink or me, because sometimes melatonin and Zzz-Sleep don’t work, either. 

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence. 

It was inspired by the 19th-century British novel of the same name. 

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