The Daily Dose/April 17, 2019

The Daily Dose/April 17, 2019
By Gaylon Kent
America’s Funniest Guy

Leading Off
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Today At The Site
The Diary of a Nobody
Sparrow plays with a dog at the hotel, and the new dryer is delivered to The Shire. Today’s Diary.

I made a tactical error by tossing the tennis ball around a few times the first day and now I’m the go-to guy for fun when she gets here…She has the tennis ball in her mouth, her eyes opened expectantly and her tail wagging: it’s plain; I am to do my duty and throw the ball around…Today’s first toss was all the way down the hall leading to the guest rooms, which it turns out the dog loves, which is unfortunate because you can’t do this all the time because we don’t need hard-charging Fido taking out a guest, and she was plainly disappointed when I started tossing the ball behind the front desk

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On This Date
In 1970 – Apollo 13 returns to Earth, splashing down in the South Pacific Ocean, six days after liftoff and four days after an oxygen tank exploded. The damage made a lunar landing impossible and getting the crew back to Earth took no small amount of ingenuity in extraordinary circumstances and a safe return to Earth was not entirely certain until they reentered Earth’s atmosphere. Apollo 13 Commander James Lovell, who was also a member of the crew of Apollo 8, remains the only person to travel to the moon twice and not walk on the surface.

In 1892 – The National League, founded in 1876, plays its first Sunday game when the Cincinnati Reds defeat the St Louis Browns 5-1 at Sportsman’s Park in St Louis. The following week the two teams would play the second Sunday game in Cincinnati. These were not the first Sunday games in major league history, though. The American Association, a major league from 1882-91, had routinely played Sunday games since their first season.

In 1971 – Joy to the World by Three Dog Night is at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the first of six consecutive weeks. Though nobody in the band was particularly thrilled with the song, Joy to the World also went to #1 in South Africa and Canada and was Billboard’s #1 song for the year. It was their second of three #1 hits and the band’s fifth of eleven Top 10 hits.

At last I had the authority to give direction over the whole scene. I felt as if I were walking with Destiny, and that all my past life had been had been but preparation for this hour and this trial.
Winston Churchill

Answer To The Last Trivia Question
The Ottawa Hockey Club has won the most consecutive Stanley Cups, ten, from March 1903 through March 1906, when teams would challenge the current holder for the Cup. The NHL team with most consecutive Stanley Cup titles is the Montreal Canadiens with five, from 1956-60.

Today’s Stumper
Who are the other two astronauts who have flown to the moon twice? – Answer next time!

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