The Daily Dose/February 6, 2019

The Daily Dose/February 6, 2019
By Gaylon Kent
America’s Funniest Guy

Leading Off : Super Bowl LIII by the numbers
2- The number of Super Bowls lost by the Los Angeles Rams. The St Louis Rams won one Super Bowl and lost one.

3 – Number of Super Bowls played in Atlanta.

4- Number of teams that have yet to play in Super Bowl. (Detroit, Cleveland, Jacksonville, Houston Texans)

5 – Number of Super Bowls lost by the New England Patriots, tied with the Denver Broncos for most in NFL history.

6 – The number of Super Bowls won by the New England Patriots, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. All are records. The Patriots team record is shared with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

7 – Number of states that offered legal betting on the Super Bowl.

8 – The number of Super Bowls won by Belichick as a head coach and defensive coordinator.

8 – Number of teams that have played in and never won Super Bowl. (Tennessee, Los Angeles Chargers, Carolina, Atlanta, Arizona, Cincinnati, Minnesota and Buffalo.)

8 – Consecutive possessions the Los Angeles Rams punted on to start the game.

13 – Number of NFL titles won by Green Bay Packers, an NFL record.

15 – Estimated percentage of American workers that called in sick to work on Monday.

15 – Number of cities that have hosted the Super Bowl. Metropolitan areas (LA, Pasadena, etc) are counted as one entry.

16 – The number of points scored by both teams, a record low for a Super Bowl.

20 – Number of teams that have won the Super Bowl.

26.4 – Percentage of total Super Bowls the New England Patriots have played in.

32.9 – Points per game averaged by the Rams before the Super Bowl.

41 – New England quarterback Tom Brady’s age. He is the oldest quarterback to both start and win a Super Bowl.

43 – Number of states where illegal Super Bowl wagering occurred.

99.5 – Estimated percentage of fans who thought Super Bowl LIII was boring when actually it was some splendid defensive football.

100.7 – Number of people, in millions, who watched the Super Bowl, the lowest total since 2009. The figure includes online viewers.

Today At The Site
The Diary of a NobodyAt then hotel, Sparrow fields a call from the GM at his old hotel asking if he had a phone number for a plumber lying around, while at The Shire Sparrow manages to cook dinner without setting off the smoke detectors.

I timed it perfectly, too, with The Wife able to unwind a bit and throw a salad together after arriving at The Shire…Now, the local market doesn’t offer Steaks of the Year, but they weren’t too bad and The Wife put blueberries in the salad, which completely ruled…Afterward, my efforts in the kitchen earned me rave reviews:

“That was good, honey…You didn’t screw anything up.”

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On This Date
In 60 – This is the earliest date for which a day of the week is known, some scribbling on a wall in Pompei, Italy identifying this day as a Sunday. Had today’s reckoning been used, it would have actually have been a Wednesday.

In 1958 – Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox signs a contract for the largest salary in major league history, $135,00. In 1957 Williams, then 38, led the American League in batting for the fifth time with a .388 average and had 38 home runs and 87 RBIs. $135,000 is about $1.2 million in today’s money.

In 1971 – Joshua by Dolly Parton is at #1 on Billboard’s country chart – then known as the Hot Country Singles chart – for its only week. It was the first of 26 #1 songs on the country chart for Parton and one of her 111 country hits, both records for women and a total that includes both solo #1s and #1s where she was a featured artist. The record for #1s on Billboard’s country chart is 44 by George Strait.

[Trees] endure rain, snow, wind and cold…Neither bad fortune nor good fortune will alter what they are. We should be the same way. We may have great fortune or bad, but we should patiently bear both…We must always be true to our inner selves.
Deng Ming-Dao
365 Tao

Answer To The Last Trivia Question
Scotty Bowman is the winningest coach in NHL history with 1,244 wins.

Today’s Stumper
Who holds the record for most hits on Billboard’s country chart? –Answer next time!

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