The Daily Dose/Friday, April 5, 2019

The Daily Dose/April 5, 2019
By Gaylon Kent
America’s Funniest Guy

Leading Off: Capsule Hot Springs Review: Indian Hot Springs, Idaho Springs, Colorado
One of the nice things about living in Colorado is there are hot springs everywhere. If you dig enough in your yard, you would probably uncover one and this was the main stop on a day trip my wife and I took to Idaho Springs, an old mining that is not without its charms.

We started off in the pool, which, don’t bother with, it was nothing special…Then we went to the caves, separated by gender, and each with pools that have really hot water in them. I asked, because some potatoes that were also in the water were about done, and the worker said the water was at 110 degrees, not masochistically set by management, but hilariously set by mother nature.

110 degrees is really hot to soak in…You do acclimate to it after a couple of seconds, but it is hot enough so you only have, perhaps, a two-to-three minutes window when it is anything remotely pleasant…Anything longer than that and it gets pretty uncomfortable and prolonged exposure to 110-degree water probably isn’t listed on WebMD’s Top 10 Tips For a Long Life. My wife also forked over for the mud baths, where you go and put mud on you and then rinse it off, which for some reason didn’t appeal to me though she gives it very high marks.

Final Ranking: C. Between the older buildings with locker rooms that could use a remodel and the really average pool, we are giving it OK marks. Still, though, we would have given it a B if the 110-degree hot tubs were more practical, but they really aren’t because you can’t soak in them for longer than a few minutes without discomfort. Also, be advised the state is doing some road work on the street leading up to and passing in front of the entrance, though this did not affect our rating.

Today At The Site
The Diary of a NobodySparrow and The Wife take a much-needed day trip where The Wife buys her usual boutique soap and also includes a trip to the hot springs.

Anyway, the water in the caves is really, really, really hot…110 degrees hot which is almost hot enough to where you come out ready to be served with your choice of potato…You get used to it after a couple of seconds but for heaven’s sake don’t move because then it’s uncomfortable again…If you stay still, tho, it’s rather relaxing, at least until you move to leave, then you feel like you’re boiling again…You can’t stay in there forever, of course, but I did do three sessions of a few minutes each.

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On This Date
In 1792 – George Washington becomes the first president to veto a bill. Washington vetoed a bill that would have changed the method of how seats are allotted seats in the House of Representatives. A few days later Congress, in no mood to override the veto of the Father of Our Country, would pass an apportionment bill that Washington would sign.

In 1984 – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar of the Los Angeles Lakers hits a baseline skyhook in the fourth quarter of a game in Las Vegas against the Utah Jazz, his 22nd point of the night and the 31,421st of his career, making him the NBA’s all-time leading scorer. Abdul-Jabbar broke the record of 31,419 established by Wilt Chamberlain, and he retired after the 1989 season with 38,387 points, a record that still stands. The Lakers won the game 129-115.

In 1975 – Minnie Riperton is at #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 for the only week with Lovin’ You. The song was co-written by Ripperton and her husband Richard Rudolph and co-produced by Rudolph and Stevie Wonder who, due to label conflicts, is credited as El Toro Negro. While a follow-up hit peaked at #76, Ripperton is one of the few ultimate Top 40 one-hit wonders, an act whose only Top 40 hit went to #1.

If you have built your castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.
Henry David Thoreau

Answer To The Last Trivia Question
Smokey Robinson hit #1 once as a member of the Miracles, with The Tears of a Clown in 1970.

Today’s Stumper
When was the first time Congress overrode a presidential veto? – Answer next time!

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