The Daily Dose/Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Daily Dose/August 11, 2019
By Gaylon Kent
America’s Funniest Guy

The Sunday Bottom 5
The very best of the very worst of the week that was: 

  1. Red Flag Gun Laws Sunday Bottom 5 pollsters “pretty sure” America must do something to stem tide that is current American shooting gallery, but do we really want a country where we’re all snitching on everyone else?  
  2. Jeffrey Epstein Alleged child molesters death in NYC jail mid-year favorite for Conspiracy Theory of the Year, though Sunday Bottom 5 pollsters “pretty sure” death ordered by long-dead Queen Mother following seance with Prince Andrew, with death carried out by MI5 agents dressed as leprechauns. 
  3. Major League Baseball Attendance still going down harder than whore with fleet in, with 14 of MLB’s 30 teams showing declines, with attendance down another 948,00 fans from 2018, when attendance was down by over 3 million…MLB officials heralding Miami Marlins increase of one (1) fan per game. 
  4. The Bottom Ten Sunday Bottom 5 pollsters cite contractual obligations, not lack of material, for ranking of hilarious feature ranking worst college, professional teams resuming later this month…Click here to enjoy NCAA Week 7 column from last year.  
  5. Trump Fact CheckNew stalwart in Sunday Bottom 5 five hole, click here for the latest misinformation from America’s Liar-in-Chief…This week from a man unwilling or unable to get facts straight: tariffs and gun control!!! 

Today At The Site
The Diary of a Nobody: Sparrow wants to tell this couple to get a room, however, they already have a room. Today’s Dairy.

…then the lone remaining arrival sashayed in…They were a couple and they were both wearing identical fleece jackets, despite the fact it wasn’t even cool out and they were fawning over each other like they were sophomores and it was plain they were still in the attachment mode and even plainer they hadn’t been a couple more than a week or so…They were still feeling each other out, literally, right there in the lobby…Heck, I was about to give them my Visa number.

It’s Sparrow, an average man passing an average life.

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On This Date
In 1934 – One of History’s more notorious prisons, Alcatraz, on an island in San Francisco Bay, opens its doors to 137 prisoners who had been doing time in Leavenworth, Kansas.  No one was sentenced to Alcatraz, residency there was reserved for the cream of the crop, the worst behaving inmates from other federal penitentiaries and despite the discipline and the rigors some inmates said it was easier time than that offered at other federal prisons. Alcatraz closed in March, 1963 and today it is a museum, attracting about 1.5 million visitors annually. 

In 1984 – Carl Lewis of the United States wins his fourth gold medal of the Los Angeles Olympics, anchoring the 4×100-meters relay team to a win over Jamaica and Canada. Lewis teamed with Sam Graddy, Ron Brown and Calvin Smith to set a new world record with a time of 37.83 seconds. Earlier, Lewis had won gold medals in the 100 and 200-meters and the long jump, equalling a feat accomplished by American Jesse Owens at the 1936 Berlin Summer Olympics. 

In 1973 – Marueen McGovern is at #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 for the second and final week with The Morning After. It was the first chart single for McGovern, and although she had five other songs hit the Hot 100, only one hit the Top 40 and The Morning After remains her only #1 song. The song originally appeared in the movie The Poseidon Adventure and was credited as The Song from The Poseidon Adventure and was sung by Renee Armand, doubling for a character in the film. 

But Tim had done his best to dramatize an election in which neither candidate dared to say what he meant to an uneasy people who realized something was seriously wrong with their political system.
Gore Vidal
The Golden Age

Answer To The Last Trivia Question
Lou Gehrig hs the lowest percentage of successful stolen bases in a career for someone with at least 200 attempts. He stole 102 bases out of 202 attempts, a 50.3% success rate.

Today’s Stumper
How many Olympic gold medals did Carl Lewis win in his career? – Answer next time!

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