The Daily Dose/Sunday, September 29, 2019

The Daily Dose/September 29, 2019
By Gaylon Kent
America’s Funniest Guy

The Sunday Bottom 5: Special Impeachment Edition
A look at the five (5) presidents who have had impeachment investigations opened against them:

1. Donald Trump Offenses perhaps not as numerous or egregious as Nixon’s – yet – but Sunday Bottom 5 pollsters “pretty sure” only Trump, members of the Mississippi Grand Wizard’s Alliance genuinely believe there is not enough information to warrant an impeachment investigation. 

2. Bill Clinton Impeached by House Republicans envious because they couldn’t get dates with foxy, any, 23-year-old interns and ultimately acquitted in Senate trial…Sunday Bottom 5 pollsters “pretty sure” that History would not be complaining too loudly had Clinton not been impeached. 

3. Richard Nixon The impeachment standard even though he was not actually impeached, Nixon gets credit for brazening it out as long as possible, until it was clear even to him that not only would he be impeached, but convicted in the Senate as well…Still the only president to resign, he didn’t really deserve President Ford’s pardon, but Sunday Bottom 5 pollsters “pretty sure”  it was for the best. 

4. Andrew Johnson The first president to be impeached who probably didn’t deserve it, Johnson, Lincoln’s successor, was impeached by the House for having the nerve to violate an act, passed over his veto, that was later repealed and declared unconstitutional…While even casual reading into Johnson shows he could have leveled up his people skills, he generally deserves better than History has given him. 

5. James Buchanan Lincoln’s predecessor, was first president to have impeachment investigation opened, though this tidbit has generally been forgotten…Sunday Bottom 5 pollsters “pretty sure”  possessing such knowledge explains why they were single for so long…Investigating committee ultimately declined to take action.

Today At The Site:
The Diary of a Nobody
Sparrow has really been kicking it up a notch in the sack lately. Today’s Diary. 

8.0 hours for the day and a robust 48.5 hours for the week…Now, that is 5.5 hours off last week’s Historically High (HH) total of 54 hours, but that included a twelve-hour sleep session, and those are rare…Also, with two 50+-hour sleep weeks this month, September’s monthly average is 48.75, identical to August and the highest monthly average since January’s 51.5-hour average….The Rolling 3-Month Average (R3MA) is an even 48.0 hours. 

It’s Sparrow, an average man passing an average life

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On This Date
In 1864 – The Treaty of Lisbon is signed by Portuguese and Spanish representatives, establishing the border between Spain and Portugal. Though the border was never in any great dispute, the treaty was designed to end disputes stemming from confusion ”at various points on the frontier”. The treaty abolished the microstate of Cuoto Misto on the northern border, its municipalities divided up between the two countries. 

In 1908 – The St Louis Cardinals establish a new major league record for being shutout in a season, losing to the Pittsburgh Pirates 7-0, their 33rd shutout of the season. The Cardinals would finish last in the major leagues with 372 runs scored and their record of 49-105 would put them 50 games behind the pennant-winning Chicago Cubs. Research into whose record the Cardinals broke was inconclusive, though the record still stands.  

In 1973 – Grand Funk, earlier known as Grand Funk Railroad, is at #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 for the only week with We’re an American Band. It was the fourth Top 40 hit for the band, their first Top 10 hit and the first of two #1s. The song also charted in Canada, where it reached #4, and Australia, where it peaked at #87. The song was written and sung by Grand Funk drummer Don Brewer and produced by Todd Rundgren. 

There is no great man in history who could have withstood the sort of journalism that focuses closely on issues of gossip.
Louis L’Amour
Education of a Wandering Man

Answer To The Last Trivia Question
Jerome Travers has won the second-most US Amateur golf tournaments, four, between 1907 and 1913.

Today’s Stumper
Which team holds the American League record for most shutout losses in a season? – Answer next time!


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