The Daily Dose – August 8, 2017

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AND IN THIS CORNER: Good seats are still available for the Floyd Mayweather/Connor McGregor fiasco in Las Vegas on August 26. Roughly one-third of the arena is available, either directly from the arena or on the secondary market.

One-third is a lot for an event of this magnitude, even if the magnitude is more manufactured than anything.

Fly In The Ointment: There are a couple of reasons for this. One, few are expecting anything other than Mayweather to name the score.

Part of it is the fact nothing, really, is on the line. Except a spectacle, of course. Sure the World Boxing Council (WBC) will provide a commemorative trophy for the winner, but that’s it. While the bout is regulated by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, it is sanctioned by nobody and has no official status, as athletically relevant as this week’s upcoming NFL exhibitions games.

Dry, Technical Matter: It will be a lot more expensive, though, which is also part of the problem because fans like something to be on the line when they take it in the shorts to pay for tickets. Since the fight has no athletic relevance, it is nothing more than an attempt to make some money.

Running The Numbers: Which it is doing a good job of because the promoters are doing their work well. Despite the fact it is not sold out, the gate has already surpassed $60 million, nearing the $72 million live gate record of Mayweather/Pacquiao. Face value ranges from $500 to $10,000, and the secondary market is commanding anywhere from $1,800 for the opportunity to bang your head on the roof to $150,000, where you can fist bump each fighter and offer best wishes before the opening bell.  

Oh Yeah: It isn’t particularly difficult to find a place to stay, either. Most major hotels have rooms available for less than $500 a night, a downright bargain for a fight weekend.

Crystal Ball Me: McGregor has no chance. Regardless of his MMA championships, it is silly to think anyone can make their professional boxing debut against one of the best there’s ever been and compete. This is not going to be close. The only question will be how much of a show Mayweather wants to put on before retiring for the evening.

Crystal Ball Me II: Mayweather has no chance. Fighting is fighting, and McGregor will easily be able to channel the fury of the MMA octagon to the boxing ring and give Mayweather, 40 and past his prime, something he has both never seen and is unable to handle. This is not going to be close. The only question is how long Mayweather can withstand the onslaught.

FunFact: While farting around the Nevada State Athletic Commission website we found this tidbit:

The Commission regulates all contests and exhibitions of unarmed combat…

Maybe It’s The Defense Department: Which left us wondering who in the hell in Nevada regulates contests and exhibitions of armed combat? Street gangs?

ON THIS DATE! ON THIS DATE! What History now refers to as The Great Train Robbery takes place in southern England on this date in 1963.

Striking at 3am, a gang of 15 robbers, part of an overall crew of 17, stop a Royal Mail train and get away with £2.6 million, about $63 million in today’s money.

They were pretty thorough. They had, among other things, cut all telephone lines in the area and they stopped the train by covering a green light and using a battery to power the red light. Though most of the money was never recovered, arrests begin within a week and 12 robbers ended up serving time, the last one being released in 1978.

LOL: Despite their precautions, news of something gone wrong was broadcast within a few minutes of the train being stopped, though initial reports had the entire train being stolen.

Well, Yeah, I  Was A Crook: President of the United States Richard Nixon announces his resignation on this date in 1974. For better or worse, Nixon held on to the bitter end, resigning only after fellow Republicans made it clear he would be convicted and removed from office when tried by the United States Senate. Impeachment proceedings had already begun in the House of Representatives.

Please Pass The Dry, Technical Matter: Nixon’s resignation letter was addressed to Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and his resignation was effective at noon the following day. Nixon became the ninth and most recent president not to complete the term he was elected for and he remains the only president to resign. The other eight – starting with William Henry Harrison in 1841 and ending with John F Kennedy in 1963 – had died in office.

Let There Be Light: Wrigley Field comes kicking and screaming into the modern age, becoming the last major league stadium to host a night game on this date in 1988. The Cubs had actually planned to install lights in the 1940’s, but instead donated the materials to the war effort.   

Fly In The Ointment: Unfortunately, rain ended the game against the Philadelphia Phillies after three innings, so a regulation game wasn’t played. The first regulation night game at Wrigley Field came the following night, when the Cubs beat the New York Mets 6-4.

Quotebook: Nothing can be added by you or me to what has been said by others and will be said in every age. – Thomas Jefferson

Answer To The Last Trivia Question: John F Kennedy is the only president of the United States to earn the Purple Heart, for wounds received on the boat he commanded, PT 109, in World War II.

Today’s Stumper: Two other presidents of the United States had impeachment charges considered by the House of Representatives. Name them. – Answer next time!

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