The Daily Dose/May 6, 2017

The Daily Dose/May 6, 2017
By Gaylon Kent
America’s Funniest Guy

DID WE CALL IT OR WHAT? Before the election we said Donald Trump was an embarrassment as a candidate and there was no reason to believe he would be anything less as president.

Whether believing Frederick Douglass is still alive – and, no doubt responsible for the dreaded Bowling Green massacre – or saying what he wants when he wants without regard to whether or not it makes sense or is even true to schmoozing dictators to a thousand other things, we were right. The Trump Administration – Trump Administration! – has been, is and will continue be, a fiasco.

Not that Trump himself is feeling any embarrassment. Trump being embarrassed is probably a phenomenon on par with planetary alignment.

Keep Expectations Low, As Usual, And Nobody Will Be Too Disappointed: But he is embarrassing our country. Educated but unwise, smart but senseless, Trump has passed the 100-day mark of his presidency meeting even our rock bottom expectations for his term.

Oh Yeah: He is, however, doing a brilliant job of utilizing his only real talent: drawing attention to himself.

Dry, Technical Matter: Here’s something else we said during the campaign: a real media would never have allowed Trump to get into the primaries, much less win the GOP nomination and the presidency, in the first place. A proper media would have would not have put up with the nonsense of Candidate Trump and would have had him out of the GOP race within a week after he announced his candidacy.

Gaylon For Congress, Vote Early, Vote Often: We said this every hour on the hour while running for the United House of Representatives last year and the United States Senate in 2014:

Our nation will collapse, probably before this half-century is out, if we do not end our perpetual wars and mindless debt.

Forget every other issue, even your pet favorite, because none of them matter. Anyone who believes America can continue perpetual warfare and mindless debt and survive, much less flourish, is high, legally in some states.

The Bottom Line: Trump has no interest in an America at peace, probably because peace draws less attention than war, just like he has shown some zero interest in fiscal responsibility. In 2020, when we elect a president again, there will have been no progress made on any issue affecting the long-term stability of our nation. We will have spent those four years marking time, four years closer to the collapse of our once-proud nation.

GREAT MOMENTS IN OH THE HUMANITY!: The German airship Hindenburg catches fire and crashes in Lakehurst, New Jersey on this date in 1937. 35 of the 97 people on board died, as did one man on the ground. The newsreel footage and radio announcer Herbert Morrison’s account, remains one of journalism’s iconic moments.

LOL: What’s almost interesting is Herbert Morrison’s account, originally recorded for a Chicago radio station, wasn’t immediately attached to the news reel footage. History did not record exactly when it was combined with the footage, but it is generally agreed it was many years later.

Get Out Your History Books: Englishman Roger Bannister becomes the first human to run the mile in under four minutes on this date in 1954.

Dry, Technical Matter: Running in a meet at Oxford University, Bannister ran the mile in 3 minutes, 59.4 seconds.

FunFact: Bannister broke the record of Sweden’s Gunder Hagg, who ran the mile in 4:01.4 in 1945. The current record is 3:43.13, held by Morocco’s Hicham El Guerrouj, in Rome in July, 1999.

Thought For The Day: Towering genius disdains a beaten path. – Abraham Lincoln

Answer To The Last Trivia Question: Rear Admiral Richard Byrd, a noted explorer and Medal of Honor recipient, is the only person to be honored with three ticker tape parades in New York City.

Today’s Stumper: What is the oldest men’s and women’s track and field world records? Answer next time!


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