What President Trump Did Say and What He Did Not Say

 At the end of his speech to a joint session of Congress Tuesday, President Donald Trump said we should believe in ourselves and believe in our future.



Why should we believe in ourselves or our future when our government isn’t giving us anything to believe in? Mr Trump gave no indication he is going to do anything to address the issues that will ultimately destroy this country.

Forget what he did say. Here’ what he didn’t say:

“We are going to have an America at peace with the rest of the world.”

“We’re going to have an economy anchored in low taxes and free markets.”

Doing both of these things will go a long way toward making America great again.

An America at peace with the world will result in a less violent world and a less violent America.

An American economy anchored in low taxes and free markets will flourish, giving consumers more money to spend and businesses more money to meet our growing demands.

Instead, all the Trump Administration is prepared to offer is more war and more debt. Anyone who believes that America can survive perpetual war and mindless debt with impunity is deluding themselves. We can’t. It will result in the end of the American experiment.

Trump again talked about the border wall, making it sound like it will keep both humans and drugs from entering our country.

Friends, immigrants aren’t the problem – this nation was built on the backs of immigrants. To deny that is to ignore the lessons of history

And, really, drugs aren’t the problem. The fact they are illegal is the problem. If drugs were legal violence associated with drugs stop and drug lords become mere vendors looking to move some product. Legalizing drugs is not going to make society any worse than it is now because people are already doing all the drugs they want. It merely won’t be a crime to use them.

He talked about health care. Good.

Doctors and health insurers must have the same access to the free market that any other business has. Right now they do not, they operate under significant government regulation with the result that healthcare is inaccessible to many and expensive for everyone. When all barriers to the free market are removed, innovation will increase and costs will come down, as they do anytime the government butts out of something.

Friends, we must stay informed and stay involved because if we don’t the status quo will ruin this country. It is up to demanding and concerned citizens like us, you and me – we the people – to hold our leaders accountable and to take charge of our government.

The government we want is as close as the next election, the 2018 midterms in 616 days. I’m ready to hold our leaders accountable. Are you?

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