The Diary of a Nobody: Fri 6/29/2018

Meet Sparrow, an average man passing an average life…

Friday, June 29
Dear Employers, if you are going to have a first aid kit for us employees, please make sure it is one, fully stocked and, two, stocked with quality gear.

I sliced myself pretty good at the service desk tonight…A customer had come up asking me to remove one of those tie-wrap deals that were attached to a shoe she had just bought her son…OK, we have cutters at the service desk specifically for this evolution and I get it and, with the blade facing away, I attempt to cut it…Well, there wasn’t a whole lot of space to work with and it slipped or something and the next thing I know a moderate amount of blood is coming out of the top of left index finger…The first thing I do is stick the finger in my mouth so the service desk doesn’t require sanitizing, then I get a towel to cover it and I also apply some pressure, too, but for a small cut it’s pretty persistent…After a minute or so it is plain I am not going to die and that I am strong enough to be able to get the first aid kit…It does not have ointment and the Band-Aids are really cheap…Daniel puts one on for me but soon enough it’s falling off and I go and buy some ointment and some quality bandages because we don’t need ol’ Sparrow coming down with an infection.

Also at the retailer tonight I gave a $7 and change refund on a gift card…This is well below the $25 cash/gift card policy established by the retailer, but the lady annoyed me for some reason…I think I annoyed her, too, because she asked if she could get a cash refund but I was determined and I lied, saying the policy had been changed…Look, you don’t have a receipt you’re lucky we’re accepting your refund at all…We don’t have to, tho Mr Sam always figured they were just going to go and blow it in the store anyway and I don’t think he was too wrong about that…And it’s not even my store!!!…I’m just a hired hand, what do I care where they spend their lousy seven bucks at???…But I do not like issuing cash refunds without a receipt.

I went to Hotel A right after clocking out of the retailer because they are as shorthanded as Hotel B is and GM Amy is working an awful lot…God bless this woman, because she had pizza and part of a Stromboli waiting for me…I had bought some popcorn chicken to get me thru the night, but I can save that for later…The pizza came from a pretty good place in town, too and isn’t too bad reheated…The Stromboli appeared to be a Philly cheesesteak deal, too, which while not my personal fave is really good when you’re not paying for it. 

Amy said not only have we not hired anybody since my last shift here two weeks ago, we are not even getting any applications in despite the fact we’re advertising everywhere except the moon…This is the same as the situation at Hotel B, where we can’t find a maintenance guy to save our lives.

The good news is the now vacant manager’s apartment where we prepare breakfast is clean and no longer smells like someplace where they’re storing the bodies at like it did two weeks ago.

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: 0200 Friday until 0900 Friday…The usual late fall asleep time due, of course, to the 12-hour sleep marathon I got in Wednesday night/Thursday morning…I woke up feeling great and The Wife and I had a good day together putzing around the house.

The weekly numbers are fabulous…43 hours so far with Saturday’s sleep session still to go…God bless all of you.   

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence.

The Diary of a Nobody was inspired by the 19th century British novel of the same name.

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