Daily Report: Saturday, June 30, 2018

Sparrow, a klutz at heart, cuts himself with a blade at the retailer tonight on the latest edition of The Diary of a Nobody. Later, at the hotel, Sparrow reports for graveyard duty to find Amy left him half a pizza and half of a Stromboli. Both are tasty reheated.

There was not a Thought for the Day one or two years ago today, so pulled one from November of last year, Abraham Lincoln with a line from the Gettysburg Address, and the usual witless commentary by yours truly. While the world might little note what we with our time on this planet, we must build a life that ensures that we will long remember what we’ve done here.

On This Date:
In 1971 – The three-man crew of the Soviet spaceship Soyuz 11 is killed while returning to Earth. The deaths were traced to a breathing ventilation valve that opened when the descent and service modules separated, allowing their air supply to escape. They remain the only humans to have died in space.

In 1984 – The longest game in professional football history is played when the Los Angeles Express defeat the Michigan Panthers 27-21 in three overtimes in the first round of the United States Football League playoffs. The game ended three minutes and 33 seconds into the third overtime on a 24-yard touchdown run by Mel Gray.

In 1951 – Too Young by Nat King Cole is at #1 on Billboard’s Best Sellers In Stores chart – a forerunner of the Hot 100 – for the second of five weeks. Though six songs would spend more weeks at #1, Too Young was on the chart for 29 weeks and was named the biggest song of the year.

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