The Diary of a Nobody – Monday April 9, 2018

Meet Sparrow, an average man passing an average life…

Monday, April 9
There was a new guy at Hotel B when I reported for graveyard duty Sunday night…His name’s Jess and because nobody tells the part-time night auditor squat I didn’t know about him.

Let me tell you something, you go to work and find someone there, you wonder if you’d been canned…There’s no reason for ol’ Sparrow to be canned – night auditors who show up every night and work on their personal writing projects religiously do not grow on trees – but you never know…He still didn’t know some things, like how to drop money a cash customer gives you…This happens a lot in this business…I’m sure he’d been trained on it, but he hadn’t done it for reals yet and it was a simple matter to show him…As it was, the guest had also checked out and Jess didn’t know how to handle this either…The correct thing to have done was nothing…Thank the guest for choosing us for getting his quickie in and I’ll take care of the rest…As it was, Jess meant well and tried to adjust his folio which ended up showing the guest owed us $600, but that was easy to take care of, too.

In other Hotel B news the scanner is running normally now, too…Kathy obtained some fairy dust and sprinkled it and we can now scan multiple documents at the same time, instead of having to them individually…Since I will whine about anything, I am lauding the fact this is saving me all of 15 minutes over the course of an eight hour night. 

There’s some evidence work is being on the lot next door to The Shire…Many years ago there was a coffee shop there…Based on the old, worn sign it was named GG’s…It was probably a pretty smart looking building in its heyday, there’s a windmill high above the front door and a long cover extending out for cars to park under, probably for bellhop service, which gives you an idea how old it is…Anyway, the GG’s sign has been taken down – tossed in a pile of other detritus – and though we have yet to see actual people working there it is plain something is being done. 

I went looking for some 5×8 cards at the retailer Sunday night…I keep some on my desk because I write crap and I’ve got a Congressional campaign to run and there are times when I need to write things down because I’m old and can’t remember squat anymore…The problem was they are completely redoing the stationery department – called flipping in the trade – and my treasured 5×8 cards were not in their usual place.

I was standing there staring at their usual spot weeping when Department Manager Carol came up and asked what was wrong…I told her and after she dried my tears with a tissue she said they hadn’t been out back out yet and were conveniently being stored in the back until the makeover was complete and she went and got me some…She did not have a logical answer to my query as to why there was such a pressing need to redo the stationery section, either.

The retailer does this crap all the time and it is common to take a customer to go find something and not find it where it was last time, especially with seasonal items…Or to find items in multiple places…For example, toilet brushes can be found in hardware (the really good ones), with the cleaning supplies and in the home furnishings section…There might even be some in the dairy case for all I know.

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: 9am Monday until 4:30pm Monday…Satisfactory…I could have gone longer but the cat woke me up, which is rare because she wanted her canned yummies…With The Wife housesitting and me keeping odd hours she’s been getting yummies pretty much whenever she whines for them and I don’t want to encourage this behavior so I didn’t give her yummies right off…I made coffee and generally enjoyed morning routine at leisure and eventually she dined on the dry food she always available.

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence.

The Diary of a Nobody was inspired by the 18th century British novel of the same name.

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