The Diary of a Nobody: Wed 6/27/2018

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Wednesday, June 27
Anybody looking for hotel work hit me up…Now we need breakfast attendants at Hotel B because both Pam and Jay appear to have left…This is in addition to the 17 holes we have to fill at the front desk.

Now, Pam has always been very nice to me, except that one time when she came in drunk at 0300 needing a room, but she never took to GM Adam and both have provided different versions of words they had and GM Adam thinks she is not coming back…Jay is a cantankerous sort who has also announced his immediate departure and GM Adam, as if he doesn’t have enough to do, has been performing breakfast attendant duties…They aren’t particularly onerous, heck, I take care of 80 percent of your setup, but you do have to pay attention and there is a fair amount of clean up afterward.

Now that I think about it, Jess might be our only front desk clerk…There’s me and JoJo working overnights and Jess and GM Adam and Senior VP Cory and I can’t think of anybody else…There isn’t even a schedule on the board anymore and to make it more so JoJo is going on vacation this week…I found this out today when GM Adam texted me wondering if I had any availability.

Well, not on one day’s notice…I do work for JoJo on Friday and Saturday when it’s OK with Hotel A, but it’s not my job to arrange that…I have worked for her once or twice on a Wednesday and Thursday – my usual nights off – but those were coordinated well in advance, so I could work it out with the retailer…JoJo and I would swap days, too, because while both hotels have the same owner they’re separate jobs and I don’t get OT for working more than 40 combined hours so I’ve told them I am not willing to do that.

I got to the service desk at the retailer a bit after 0800 and it’s dead slow and Connie the personnel manager tells me to go help Patty with “getting 82 done”…I had no idea what meant but Connie seems out of sorts today so I don’t bother her with this tidbit and I waddle over to Patty to make myself useful…Turns out 82 is code for stocking the candy and chewing gum at the registers…Crap!!!…I am lousy at stocking but it has its advantages because you can go to the can whenever you want, key at my age….Later I was sent outside to count ice…I am not making that up…We had a delivery today and it was up to me to verify 100 bags of ice were delivered…They were…Nine rows of eleven with one tossed on top to finish it off and even I can count that accurately.

Later I’m at a register cause the retailer is shorthanded, too, when this lady comes by with three boxes of safety pins, 120 total, I counted, and I said something or another about that being a fair number of safety pins and she invited me to guess what they’re for…I play along and scratch my chin as if giving it serious thought and come up with a school project, opening a daycare and she needs them for diapers and I forget the third…She congratulates me on three good guesses but says they’re all wrong, she’s running a horse show and they’re to pin bibs on the contestants and I laughed and told her that was going to be my next guess.

Treated myself to dinner at KFC after all this…I had two extra crispy thighs, coleslaw and a biscuit, my first meal in a month that didn’t include mayonnaise, melted cheese or, as likely as not, both…This was by design because I wanted to go somewhere I seldom went but also had stuff I liked and KFC fit the bill.

The Wife comes back tomorrow.

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: per protocol, there was no sleep Wednesday to report.

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence.

The Diary of a Nobody was inspired by the 19th century British novel of the same name.

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