The Diary of a Nobody/June 1

Indeed, Read Free Fortnight (RFF) rolls on at The Diary of a Nobody. 

It’s Sparrow, an average man passing an average life…

Tuesday, June 1
The unofficial rewards club signup totals for May: 

Assistant Front Desk Manager Q: 61
Amy: 59

It was that close…Now, this wasn’t loser leave town or anything pro-wrestling-like – and it could change depending on if any signups are voided by the bastards at the home office – but Front Desk Manager Brandon said Q was in high spirits this evening, perhaps because he realizes that with Amy going to five PM shifts later this month it might well be his last triumph for a while because recall Amy is right on his heels despite working graveyards the two nights a week I’m off, shifts which offer few sign-up opportunities.

It was another shift that was a dead sprint tonight, the second of the week, which could be a violation of the Nite Audit Bylaws which I suspect authorize only one all-out shift per week, but we’d have to check…It was end-of-month tho, and there was a walk-in and reservations to take and sundry stuff to sell and the final A/R folios weren’t thru printing until 0620, which would be a late time even if end-of-month were on a weekend in ski season.

Predictably, the end-of-the-month figures were strong compared to last year: 

Revenue: 208K vs 484
Rooms: 1996 vs 868
Revenue Per Available Room: $57/$23

Those keeping score at home may – or they may not – be almost interested to note that research showed this year’s May revenue figure is more than May 2019 (164K), but less than May 2018 (259K). 

Included in the phone calls that pestered me tonight was a lady who wanted to verify her goddamn reservation for later this month…She had initially booked one room, but then added another and wanted to check and make sure two rooms were waiting for her…Her confusion stemmed from the fact that despite her having booked two rooms there was only one confirmation number, which happens, and she made me twice verify there were two rooms reserved for her and seemed disappointed I was unable to issue a second reservation number for her.  

There was some dawdling today, too, because I am going to the big city Wednesday night…There was some question about whether I’d be spending two nights or one night there, but my employee discount rate is back on my rewards club profile, so I booked Wednesday and Thursday nights at half-off what the masses will be paying…(I have no idea why it hadn’t been listing me as an employee; it had in the past, but Brandon was able to take care of it in a few seconds before he left.)

So ol’ Sparrow was already in a long-weekend mode, so much so he blew off the gym this morning, unable to be bothered to lift, walk or even take a soak…I went home and gave the cabin a pretty good Level II cleaning tho it desperately needs professional spring/summer cleaning attention…The cat box was changed and the remaining plant was watered, too and the first watering of the lawn was gotten in, too.

It’s a long weekend despite the fact I have the usual hotel, veterans service office (VSO) doubleheader to slog thru tomorrow…This is similar to my patented Sparrow Double Shift Day Off, where I put in full shifts at the hotel and VSO but don’t even bother to do project work and do as little as can possibly be gotten away with and not be stealing money…I won’t be doing that – there is a lot of project work to do – but I will be heading out Wednesday after the VSO, so in my book that is a day off…Sort of…You take what you can get in the odd-hours racket.  

Sparrow’s Sleep Log:
0930 Tuesday until 1230 Tuesday
1630 Tuesday until 2130 Tuesday

8.0 hours for the day and 22.0 hours for the week, a solid week of rest so far. 

I have some zero clue what was done to trigger the split sleep session (SSS) and regular readers of this crap know these are as infrequent as they are unpredictable…It doesn’t really matter, tho, I woke at 2130 feeling good and ready for the night. 

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence. 

It was inspired by the 19th-century British novel of the same name. 

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