The Diary of a Nobody/March 11

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It’s Sparrow, an average man passing an average life…

Saturday, March 11
It was clusterf*ck tonite at the hotel…Not a complete one – that would’ve involved attending to guests, as well – but tonite was a technological fiasco. 

When we reported for duty Gina had a haggard look and advised The System had been down for three hours today…It was the same lack-of-memory problem we had twice last week, tho it certainly didn’t take us three hours to get the matter resolved, but there could’ve been compilations we didn’t know about…Gina added that she herself was back on the phone with them, attending to the credit processor not processing credit cards, a problem that was turned over to yours truly and wasn’t resolved until 0230. 

The System being down meant Gina had fallen behind: there were several arrivals while The System was down and they needed to be checked in, plus a couple of credit cards needed to be added for two 3rd-party bookings for incidentals…One of these was declined and another check-in had room 244 on the registration card and 138 in The System, meaning ol’ Sparrow didn’t know which room he was in…We checked it in for 138 and will allow dayshift the privilege of determining which room is actually occupied. 

Then there was a problem when we were finally able to run the nite audit, too, which we couldn’t do until the credit card processor problem was solved…When we tried to, we got an error message we didn’t understand at all; we didn’t even bother staring at it crossly with our hands on our hips, going strait to tech support on this one…I didn’t understand the problem at all, but eventually it was fixed and, all in all we didn’t get done with everything until 0550, a lousy time for a job where your goal is to do as little as possible.  

Right after 0600, when the first airport crew is scheduled to leave, a pilot rings the bell and asks me to ring the room of his first officer, who is tardy…We do and there’s no answer, so right off ol’ Sparrow’s thinking we’re going to go up and make a welfare check and find him dead, excitement that would be fun, even welcome, on other nites but would be scorned tonite…Right about as I am about to ask if he wants to go up we see the pilot – a young guy probably just out of the service – literally running, so having to go tactical after finding a DB in the room was avoided. 

There was light strength in the small town gym (STG) tonite, even considering we’d had a wonderful rest (see Sleep Log below)…The problem was even tho we’d slept great and weren’t tired, we were still weary from the past three days which regular readers of this crap recall were exhausting. 

We did some figuring: In the 83 hours between waking up for the hotel at 2130 Tuesday and going to bed at 0900 today, we drove from the next county to north of the big city and back twice and got 14 hours of sleep…Now, the 14 hours isn’t all that bad – tho it’s hardly champion sleeping – but Christ, all that sitting down was exhausting, so much so our thighs felt like lead Thursday afternoon and when we went down Saturday morning we were both sleepy and weary and we were still somewhat weary when we woke up tonite. 

Still tho, we wanted to move whatever weight was there for us, so we headed in and kept it light, a dumbbell or a plate less than when we’re moving good weight…We also dispensed with sprints, more because the curtain was down at midcourt than anything else, but it was certainly in the spirit of the day. 

With the cat back to eating dry food, we’ve started weening her from the two or three canned yummy feedngs of late…She is still campaigning for multiple canned yummy issuing, tho, like this evening before we left for the hotel…It would have been a time for canned yummies last week, but not anymore…24/7 dry food is available again and she can eat that between canned yummy issues…(It should be noted, tho, that we are still giving her a serving of that older cat bisque that she responded to once a day.)…Tonite tho, she was on the kitchen table meowing while we were getting ready, tho once it became clear we were leaving and not feeding her she started in on the dry food, tho she made sure to look at me so I would know that she know this was not her preferred meal, which is pretty adorable if you ask me.  

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: 0900 Saturday until 1930 Saturday…10.5 hours for the day and 49.5 hours for the week, a strong finish after a catch-as-catch-can week and we’ll take it…God bless all of you.


The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence. 

It was inspired by the 19th-century British novel of the same name. 

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