The Diary of a Nobody/March 12

It’s Sparrow, an average man passing an average life…

Sunday, March 12
Chris was there tonite when we reported for duty and he had the lowdown on GM Andy’s firing…We had to ask for it tho, which was easy enuff because there was an email from Chris advising me to add one David to the list of those who get our nite audit reports emailed to them. 

– Who’s David???
– He’s our new GM…

Chris said Andy was actually relieved Tuesday the 7th but recall we had actually heard about it on Friday the 3rd, from Madam Public Health Director at our usual Friday hot tub meeting because Andy had blabbed it the prior Tuesday at Rotary…Chris said Andy got two months of severance pay and already has a lead, but it’s not in town…The reason Andy was given was that he did not have the restaurant experience the new owners are looking for and Chris added David is temporary until they get until a permanent one is found. 

The big news is there appears to be a new paper clip policy at the restaurant…Usually, the pile of receipts we sort out have been clipped in whatever manner the professional servers saw fit, but someone in a position to do so – perhaps David??? – apparently promulgated something new because today all but a couple of piles had two clips on them: one on the left side and another on the bottom, which I don’t really understand at all because it’s not as if it made the Restaurant Audit (RA) a whole hell of a lot easier…The only real problem came when someone used a small paperclip to clip a sizeable bundle, something which annoys me more than it probably should. 

It became plain tonite that ol’ Sparrow’s powers of observation, in decline for years, have more or less bottomed out as he was unable to notice that the back office microwave (BOM) was back in its old place on top the refrigerator…We missed several times, too, including when we put our spinach in the freezer and it was directly in front of our face…This meant that we went to where it used to be – in the ski and snowboard storage room – and found it odd that it wasn’t there…We were walking back to the front desk ready to quit because how in the hell is a working man supposed to heat up his dinner without a microwave when we thought “no, don’t let it be back on top of the refrigerator, we’ve only been walking past it all goddamned nite”.

But that’s where it was…Had it had been a snake it would’ve bit us, as we used to say in the Navy…There was a time when we would’ve noticed a microwave on top of a refrigerator immediately, but those days are passed and now we’re not even noticing them at all. 

The big news is we were able to get into the small-town gym today…I am not making that up…We were in bed early and got a decent rest (see Sleep Log below) and we were there by 1700…The only fly in the ointment is we weren’t the only ones there; there were several families there and rugrats were running all over the basketball court…Fortunately tho, family weightlifting isn’t a thing yet, so we had the weight room to ourselves, with a tad better strength than Saturday…But it did mean sprints were out of the question unless you were desirous of bowling over some five-year-olds…Afterward, we went to the restaurant across from the post office…We were in the mood for their pretty good $20 ribeye but ended up having a Cobb salad instead. 

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: 1000 Sunday until 1600 Sunday…6.0 hours for the week, an OK start to the sleep week (SW).


The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence.

It was inspired by the 19th-century British novel of the same name. 

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