The Diary of a Nobody/July 20

Meet Sparrow, an average man passing an average life…

Saturday, July 20
Brandon is back for the first time in a week or so…The entire family – his sister, and mom and dad who own the place – had hauled off to Florida for a funeral…Grandpa was 92, which I noted is a pretty long life adding, tho, it’s always tuff to lose Grandpa…Brandon agreed.

I never knew Grandpa Sparrow, he died when Pa was still a boy, but Ma’s dad lived a long life and he had Grandma were always around the house and one of my earliest memories was going to the McDonalds he worked and getting excited when he got one of those paper hats they wore back then…I’d take it home and pretend to take orders…All of us cousins tho, were merely competing for second place in the race for his affections because my late brother was his favorite, don’t doubt that for a second. 

The big news is there was a stabbing at the hotel on graveyard Friday morning!!!…I am not making that up…Brandon reported that about 0330 Thursday morning Q went to 151 to investigate a noise complaint and on arrival a guy who had been stabbed by his wife exited the room at a high rate of speed. 

I was surprised to find out the guy was still in-house…Brandon noted the whole town was sold out and they guy was hopped up on meds and we really couldn’t toss him, which is different than places in Sin City I’ve worked security at…Everyone would have been tossed out immediately, because we don’t need stabbers or their victims in-house…It was Q’s first stabbing and apparently he didn’t take it well and Brandon, who had been called in, sent him home before 0700. 

I hope to get further details from Q tonight. 

Brandon had a lot to catch up on and stayed well past 0100…Since Brandon works at the desk in the back office, this obliged ol’ Sparrow to do the entire night audit at the front desk, which I meant I was standing the whole time, which I pretended to whine to Brandon about, saying this was going in my report to the Night Auditor’s Association.

Brandon stayed so late I was done with everything – the audit, delivering folios and even returning a room service tray to the restaurant – and he was still wrapping up some loose ends…I gave him plenty of time to get out, too, because after my work is done I settle in at the back desk…For example, I took my time with the room service tray…I noticed it outside of 133 on my folio-delivering rounds so I completed the first floor, in case there were more trays, and then and got a cart because while I can, and have, dropped a tray, it’s tuff to to drop a cart…I head out the side door and work my around to Door 5, which leads to the lobby.

My MOD key won’t open the door…Regular readers of this crap know MOD keys have failed in the past and I’ve concluded they expire after a month or so…This obliged me to walk around the restaurant to the lobby doors, while giving Brandon more time to get out…Then I did these things: I recharged the MOD key, got the restaurant key, waddled back to Door 5, opened Door 5, tested, satisfactorily, the MOD key on Door 5, brought the cart in and pushed it to the restaurant, took the tray into the scullery, took the cart back to where I’d gotten it, and went back to the front desk. 

Brandon was still there…Good gravy, I’ve got projects to work on tho, in fairness to Brandon, he was gone within a few minutes. 

The big news at the sundry stand is we are now offering a new item: iced lemon loaf cake…It’s kept frozen and, as a service to our guests of course, I tried one…It was pretty good…Not fresh-from-the-oven good, but not too far from it, either…It’s in the far right corner of the freezer, bottom shelf, and to make room for it we pushed the Hot Pockets to the left. 

At 0330 some hapless kid who said he was “with security” came in and announced he needed five rooms…He had a patch on his windbreaker, but I couldn’t make it out and you could see some people milling about outside…Good gravy, I had nothing for him…We were sold out, the whole town was sold out and for all I knew the next county was sold out, too…He asked what was going on and I wanted to say you’re Mr Security, you tell me, but he had enuff problems and I merely shrugged and said it was a weekend in summer and he nodded and extended a hand as if that sounded logical and left. 

Tho Saturday is a prime workout day – fully rested with unlimited time – I am taking the week off…I tried to do this a couple of weeks ago but I wanted to lift weights anyway, but this week I am ready…Ol’ Sparrow could use a break from the work and the supplements and some time off from the sheer number of calories required to support moving good weight four times a week. 

Breaks like this are necessary and are not to be confused with being too lazy to go to the gym….A long time ago I dated a woman whose sons were competitive swimmers…She said they took a break from the weight room before a big meet, a process she called “tapering”…So, officially, I am ‘tapering’ this week, even tho I don’t have a swim meet scheduled…Some time off is good for the mind, too…As I sat down to write this Saturday afternoon, I was already grateful for the break. 

Spent a very plesant evening with The Wife listening to a real time replay of the Apollo 11 moon walk…I slept thru the landing, but Neil and Buzz’s walking on the surface was timed perfectly…We listened for a couple-three hours, too, and it worked out so I was able to leave for the hotel right as President Nixon finished up his phone call to the crew.

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: 0830 Saturday until 15330 Saturday…7.0 hours for the day, about average for the Saturday Sleep Session (SSS), and 44.0 for the week, the second-highest total of the month and strong comeback after the slow start to the week. 

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence. 

It was inspired by the 19th century British novel of the same name. 

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