The Diary of a Nobody/May 18

Saturday May 18
Quentin had some news for me when I reported for duty for my graveyard shift at the hotel Friday night: Denise, who works three or four shifts a week, including the all-important one relieving yours truly on Wednesday mornings, gave notice…This is a lousy time to be looking for help because summer season starts after Memorial Day and we are as busy then as we are in ski season and it is a tuff time to be short-handed.

He also said he is investigating an opportunity overseas, in Jordan of all places…He says he knows someone who knows someone and whatnot and I told him to be careful, the Middle East is hardly most stable place on the planet and it would suck if he got kidnapped and sold into slavery which as an American guy in his early 20s he’s a prime candidate for. I told him I’d hate to see him end up as an ISIS sex slave.

For my part, I asked him if he’d heard any rumors about the restaurant folks taking over the diner in our small town and he said he hadn’t, altho it should be noted Q is hardly your go-to guy for restaurant industry gossip here in town…I don’t know who is, either, tho I suppose I could go and actually ask someone at the restaurant – they’re still open when I report for duty – but that’s more work than I really want to put into gathering information.

It turned out the new part-time night auditor Dee showed up for her shifts while I was gone…Recall she had blown off the two training shifts with me earlier this week and Q said it went pretty well, really well when you consider she had two nights of training, tho he noted she did have problems adjusting something or other…It’s on the night audit checklist, but I haven’t done it for ages, ever, and I had some zero clue what he was talking about, tho that didn’t stop me from pursing my lips and nodding knowingly as I drank my coffee, before immediately changing the subject.

Made our nut tonight, the $22 Revenue per Available Room for the month, the figure required for the hotel to show a profit for the month…I forget when we made it last month, but I think it was a couple-three days earlier and if I were offering action on next month I’d put an over/under date of June 6th as the date me make it.

In administrative news from the back office, the scratch paper level is down to about an inch, still sufficient for the next couple of months or so, but it might be time to bump it up another quarter inch or so…I’ll talk it over with Brandon, who’s back from vacation, when I go in tonight.

Spent some time in the next county this afternoon…First off was a stop at my fave Mexican joint…I was kind of worried because I seldom go there on Saturday and who knows who’d be cooking…As it was, there was some kid I’ve never seen working the grill, but it was needless fretting because everything came out great.

Then I want to the farm and ranch store to get some suspenders…I need them because I will be wearing my navy dress blues for our post’s Memorial Day ceremony again and I’ve lost weight and they were sliding down a bit last year and I don’t want them sliding down this year.

I’ve never bought suspenders before and there were a couple of brands to choose from, but I went with Carhartts, the ones I was looking for…The only downside was they’re red, but nobody’s going to see them anyway.

Two ladies were there to provide complete instruction, and when I got home I hooked them up and tried them on and whoa Nelly, the difference is noticeable: the difference between a ho-hum look and the type of look you expect a sailor in his dress blues to present…The pants, which have 13 buttons and zero belt loops, draped perfectly and the bottom of the uniform top comes right to the edge of the bottom buttons of the pants, which is in strict conformity witn US Navy uniform regulations…I am going to look really good as monument sentry for the ceremony.

I also went to the retailer in the next county…I was only going to get some of the mouthwash I can’t get in town, but I also walked out of there with one of those hose-roller-upper deals…We live in a log cabin and in the past when we’ve needed to roll the hose up we hooked it around the ends of the logs that extend past the corners of the cabin, which I suspect was responsible for the old hose crinkling up every few feet…Boo to that…The roller-upper will prevent that from happening.

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: 0900 Saturday until 1530 Saturday…6.5 hours, which regular readers of this crap know is about average for the Saturday Sleep Session (SSS)…The 41.0 hours total for the week is rather low, and we can blame the lackluster Tuesday Sleep Session (TSS) for that, but as I write this I’m feeling rested, so what the heck.

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence.

It was inspired by the 19th century British novel of the same name.

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