The Diary of a Nobody/May 26

Meet Sparrow, an average man passing an average life…

Sunday, May 26
Busy tonight…We were sold out for the first time since ski season and had all the rooms being renovated been ready we could have sold them, too, and I didn’t get back putting folios under doors until 0200…I had to tell several people, both phone calls and walk-ins, that we didn’t have anything for them.

About 0100 this lady called and again I found myself wondering exactly why people choose the middle of the night to conduct their travel arrangement business…Well, plainly because they are hoping to find some hapless graveyard puke who will submit to whatever they want…I’m not that person…So when it turned out she wanted to cancel her reservation for later today without paying the fee she agreed to pay, I looked up her reservation and she booked online, so I told her she’d have to take it up with them, anyway.

Recall last night I comped a room for a guest whining about bumping and scratching noises in their wall…I heard nothing about that, as predicted because I was taking care of a guest and I handled it appropriately…This situation is different…It’s in their booking agreement that a fee will be charged if you cancel this late and while I could waive it, I am not paid to cost the company money in this situation, so I apologized and told the lady she would have to call back in the morning when Tammy would be happy to deal with it.

Ten minutes later the website she booked with called asking the same thing, altho she phrased real fancy-pants like, inquiring if I would be willing to grant the guest the courtesy of a no-charge cancellation…Her tone indicated the fate of the entire western world could be at stake, maybe the entire planet…Well, I hadn’t been granted any more authority in the last ten minutes, so I told her the same thing I told the original caller: they would have to call back in the morning…She tried to charm me into waiving the fee – she even thanked me for taking the call, which was as silly as it was unnecessary – but I was firm and there isn’t a Supreme Internet Commissioner she could appeal to, so she hung up.

This was new, even for ol’ Sparrow: I spilled coffee because I neglected to change coffee pots!!!…I am not making that up…I left the three-quarters full coffee pot in the saddle instead of switching it out with an empty one, which is what you normally do when preparing morning coffee service…It wasn’t the flood that not putting a pot at all in there was, but it still took a couple of hotel bath towels to clean up.

We were running a kennel tonight, as 21 rooms had dogs in them…Usually, when you have that many dogs in house you’ll wake one up when you’re delivering folios…They’ll bark and scare the hell out of you but not tonight, everyone slept straight thru my early morning rounds.

It was a triumphant day at The Shire…First, The Wife putzed around in the gardens, to include planting the new cherry bush she bought a while back…It’s in the back garden because it has the most room, with The Wife saying it will need six feet in every direction…I also got the lawn done, too…A surprise, I know, because I really wasn’t expecting to get the lawn done until, perhaps, Thursday, but the dandelion stems were pretty high and it was great fun to cut thru them and, of course, the lawn looks sharp…Not only is it freshly mowed, but most of the dead areas from where the piles of leaves spent the winter are almost all grown in and, what with all the rain and snow, the grass is still a deep green.

The Wife also reported that she could not find her wallet…Long-time readers of the crap know we go thru this on a regular basis…Wallet, keys, phone and I’ve long stopped going into panic mode for this…Of course, I found her wallet in fairly short order after, of course, she had spent a lot of time looking for it while I slept…It was in one of the pockets of her winter coat which, frankly, is where I figured it was.

What’s almost interesting is while she was in Sin City her daughter’s current boyfriend gave her an electronic tile for her car keys and there’s an app on her phone now that she can press and the tile on her car keys will beep…It also works in reverse to find her phone…This led to a moderately funny line from yours truly:

I want one of those tiles for everything in this goddamned house.

Which, now that I think about it, might be a Line of the Year candidate…It got a real good laff from The Wife and also earned me the finger.

I also got a workout in, too, before the lawn and finding the wallet…The Memorial Day bratwurst and macaroni and cheese wasn’t the classic post-workout meal, but it was better than no workout at all.

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: 0830 Sunday until 1530 Sunday…7.0 hours, none of them PM or Nite-T-Nite aided and except for using the can once, at 1115, I slept straight thru…It was a great Sunday’s rest.

The total for last week was 44 hours and May produced a weekly average of 43.5 hours, .25 hours more than April…This brings the monthly average for 2019 to 46.47 hours, and the Rolling 3-Month Total is 44.58 hours.

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence.

It was inspired by the 19th century British novel of the same name.

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