The Diary of a Nobody/May 9

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Thursday, May 9
And The Wife has a new car!!!…I am not making that up.

She’s had the same car since I met her, and it was old enough then, and she has been making noises about a new car for a couple of years and I always told her sure, whenever you’re ready…We make pretty good livings and could more or less easily afford one.

It got serious this week…Monday she went to one of the banks we do business with in town and they said they don’t do in-branch car loans anymore, just ask at the dealer, which I thought was whack, so I said look, our other bank, which is for veterans only and also has our car insurance, would probably lend her as much as she wanted and they did, actually they approved her for $42K, bit less than half what we paid for The Shire and about $17K more than we wanted to pay out the door….The Wife tho, actually wanted to put it off again, till the Memorial Day sales but I know her and I said then what, the 4th of July, and she couldn’t really argue with that point…She’d put it off until the old car literally fell apart which, actually, it was starting to do because duct tape has recently become a regular feature on the car.

She’s a Ford girl and we had a couple scoped out, but Wednesday she test drove a couple of Fords but also went to the Subaru store and test drove a couple and she really liked one of them, so she made a 0930 appointment for today and The Wife was a nervous wreck…One, she was up early, around 0500, and she was yapping the whole morning and when we got to the dealer she wanted to test drive every car on the lot, too.

And, of course, The Wife being The Wife an evolution of this sort simply cannot be completed without some sort of complication…Today’s came when we decided to see if the dealer could offer a better financing offer than our other loan, which was locked in awaiting only a sheet of paper to be filled out and faxed in…The salesman asked to see The Wife’s driver’s license…She got out her wallet and looked and looked and looked and it wasn’t in there…Crap, where was it???…Well, she had given it to the girl at the Ford store when she took a test drive yesterday so I called them and  – mirabile dictu – they said they had it but I get there – it’s a short drive – and all they had was a copy which I took back to the dealer and the salesman actually said they could make do with that.

The whole thing took four hours, mainly because of the five dozen cars she test drove and the license fiasco, but The Wife was driving her brand new car off the lot by 1330…The first place we went was the drivers license place, where one of the advantages of a small town is you’re in and out of there in 15 minutes…Then we went to lunch and then to the retailer and finally home.

I had started the day at the gym…I’m still weak as heck, compared to when I was moving weight regularly and often, but the last rep on the set was still the last one I could do with proper form and that builds muscle, so it was a good workout on the theory the only bad workout is the one you don’t do.

Then I got home and made and consumed my protein shake and ten seconds later I’m ralphing it up…I am not making that up and I still have no idea why…Well, yeah I do…My new organic, plant-based pre-workout supplement has a fraction of the caffeine of my other one, so I supplement them with some caffeine tablet and I took too many this morning…I could feel it…I was spinning…I’ve been following the same routine lifting weights for years and this is the first time I can remember ralphing after drinking my protein shake and the excess caffeine is a great place to leave the blame, especially since I felt great the rest of the day.

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: 2000 Wednesday until 0300 Thursday…7.0 hours for the day, 27.5 for the week and regular readers of this crap know that 0300 or so on Thu and Fri is the new normal wake-up time…I’m OK with that…I know you are, too.

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence.

It was inspired by the 19th century British novel of the same name.

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