The Diary of a Nobody/November 22

Meet Sparrow, an average man passing an average life…

Friday, November 22
As usual, I was up pretty early this morning (see Sleep Log below), so I was up when The Wife favored the world with her rising from the night’s slumbers.

She was not in good humor…She went to the bathroom and then presented herself briefly at the entrance to the living room before then setting up shop on the couch…It was kind of funny because she was snoring again in fairly short order…She woke up in a few minutes, inquired as to whether or not there was any goddamn coffee made before issuing another mild oath and announcing she didn’t want to go to work today…I immediately advised her to call in sick, advice she could not be bothered to fight…She couldn’t find her phone, of course, so we used mine since I had the retailer’s call-off 800 number programmed in and soon enough she had a paid day off from work…Recall The Wife’s days off are Thursdays and Saturdays so she had granted herself a three-dayer, something I wish I could with a mere phone call. 

The big news is I have music from old iPhone playing in my new ride…Recall yesterday I didn’t because the jack didn’t fit the jack in the car…I have no idea why…So I headed into the Veterans Service Office early and went to the retailer to see our old friend Daniel, who is now head of the Electronics Department…I brought in my old cable, the ones whose USB and audio cables don’t fit the jack in my new ride and the old iPhone is so old it’s one of those with the wide ends that plug into the phone…Daniel and I did some hunting and came with two cables: a power cable that plugged into the USB port and and audio cable that plugged into the phone and the audio jack…Didn’t work, which I think is a problem with the phone, because it gave me a message saying the phone was not compatible with something or another, and inviting me to download something from the app store because the onboard computer gave me a message saying it was unable to read the music player. 

(It should be noted the audio jack in the new ride is conveniently located in the center console…I am not making that up…Maybe it’s to keep your player hidden from view, but maybe it was designed by Satan in the hopes it will separate your shoulder…Good gravy it is tuff to access.)

All right, I tried connecting the old phone via Bluetooth, something I probably should have thought of earlier…This worked, however the names of the songs and artists don’t display and the only control you have on the screen is moving to another song…If you want to play playlists and whatnot you have to control it from the player which I really want to whine about but there are people living in North Korean prison camps that would love to have this problem…Plus, I remember promising never to whine again after reading in roots about Kunta Kinte being tied up in the hold of a ship lying in his own filth after being captured…I just might look into transferring songs onto a new player, something in step with current technology. 

I was useful at the VSO today…Mr P came by, a fellow Navy vet who’s 29 days older than I am…On the phone he had said he wanted to file for an increase of his 10% disability award for tinnitus however, it turned out his ten percent rating is for asthma, not tinnitus, but this wasn’t a big deal…We would file a new claim for tinnitus compensation, a task that made much easier because he brought his Navy medical records with him and there it was, Item 3 in Box 74 of Standard Form 88 from his discharge physical: a diagnosis of tinnitus and isolated 6,000 hz hearing loss. 

Still tho, there were 17 pages of paperwork associated with this claim: a power of attorney form, so I can represent him with the VA; the application itself, a statement in support of his claim, his discharge papers, Standard Form 88, plus the results of his civilian audiogram from earlier this year.

Sparrow’s Sleep Log:
1930 Thursday until 0300 Friday…7.5 hours for the night.

1745 Friday until 1945 Friday…4.0 hours for the night…11.5 hours for the entire day and 41.5 hours for the week.

As noted here before, 4.0 hours isn’t a nap, it’s a sleep…God bless all of you. 

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence. 

It was inspired by the 19th-century British novel of the same name. 

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