The Diary of a Nobody/September 27

Meet Sparrow, an average man passing an average life…

Friday, September 27
Damn, another strong workout this morning…I was surprised because yours truly only got a few hours of sleep (see Sleep Log below) and, recall, I’d had a good workout Thursday morning but I was really strong today, to the point where I am doing upped weight on both bicep exercises, getting 40lb hammer curls up eight times and the z-bar curls up ten times with 30lbs on each side, weights I wasn’t even doing in my prime ten years ago…This is pretty good weight for an old man…Everything else was strong, too, except the bench press, which I got up ten times Thursday, but only seven times today. 

The Wife was still up when I woke up, unable to sleep…She announced she had already called off for her shift at the retailer so I gave her a shot of Zzzz-sleep, tucked her back in and got started on the morning’s projects and she was asleep soon enough. 

I didn’t go into the Veteran Service Office, today, but instead spent the morning at the veteran’s flu shot clinic…It’s kind of tuff because I do not have remote capabilities, and I ended up going to the office to print out some power of attorney and intent to file forms, and Paul, the patient advocate up from the big hospital south of here, was working it as if he got prizes for making appointments for me, as I ended up with four for next week…Paul can be sort of tedious sometimes, but crap, he knows as much as I don’t know, and he was very useful answering questions. 

Since I drove Mr R to the doctor Thursday, I only put in half a day at the flu shot clinic and I was home by 1330 and The Wife was doing the bills and she looked flummoxed…Eventually, she asked me to see if the mortgage had been paid for September…The Wife pays bills online thru the bill pay feature at our bank and she’s showing a credit for the mortgage amount on a credit card that otherwise should have had a zero balance…She was not showing a payment to the mortgage company…So I went and logged on to the mortgage company’s site and the password was no good…Usually, I write it down but I couldn’t find it so I called them…The lady reported that no, the September payment had not, in fact, been received and would we like to make it now…Of course we would…I asked if we could use the credit card that suddenly had a hefty balance on it, but she said no, tho we were lucky that a computer glitch earlier in the month meant we wouldn’t be charged a late fee. 

Then the lady tried to change my password…The actual password was easy enuff, but she said we had to reset my security question, too…Please, for the love of all that is sacred, MAKE ALL SECURITY QUESTION ANSWERS SOMEONE’S NAME!!!…They are not subjective and do not change…Mother’s maiden is the standard here, of course, but dad’s middle name is good, too, as are sibling names, nicknames, anything ol’ Sparrow does not have to think too hard about.

None of her options were names, tho, I asked…Street names of where you lived as a kid are nice if you lived in the same goddamn house for 18 years, but the Sparrows moved several times…My first car is subjective, too…It could be dad’s Plymouth Valiant I drove the last year of high school, or it could be the VW Rabbit yours truly bought in the Navy…I got tired of the lousy options and went with VW Rabbit, but either her or yours truly couldn’t spell Volkswagen, so I still couldn’t enter the site and ended up saying screw it, putting it off for another time. 

Then The Wife got on the horn with the credit card company…Of course they could refund the balance, but despite the fact we’re nearing the third decade of the 21st century, they couldn’t just slip it into our bank account, they had to send us a check…My crack to The Wife that it would arrive just in time for the October payment was not looked upon with any particular favor, nor was a following line about who would get sent the mortgage next month.  

Sparrow’s Sleep Log:
Thursday 2100 until Friday 0230
Friday 1900 until Friday 2130

8.0 hours total, significantly less than we are accustomed to for Friday.

I still do not understand getting to sleep Thursdays at all…Regular readers of this crap know I am very tired come Thursday afternoon but for some reason I am not sleepy and this was the case Thursday night: I could not get to sleep…I stand up, I almost drop from exhaustion…I lie down BOOM, I stay awake. 

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence. 

It was inspired by the 19th century British novel of the same name. 

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