The Thought For the Day – February 4, 2016

…the spirit of inquiry was alive here, and where it has free existence, ignorance cannot last.
                                                   – Louis L’Amour, The Walking Drum

One of the things I remember thinking when I read this passage was how much it applies to our country right now because let’s be honest friends, the spirit of inquiry is not alive in America. For a while now, we’ve been content to accept whatever our favorite media outlets and leaders choose to spoonfeed us.

And our country is worse off for it. Without and active and inquiring electorate elected leaders have not been held accountable. As a result, this nation is not being led, it is being managed, and not particularly well, either. We are mired in endless wars, an economy based not in low taxes and free markets but in high taxes and regulation and an electorate that is tolerating all of it.

When we Americans are in the mood for inquiry again, for holding our leaders accountable for what they’ve done to our country during their term, then we will have an America we can be proud of again because the government we want is never farther away than the next election.

Note: quotes are from Gaylon’s own private stock, stolen from original source materials.


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