The Thought for the Day – Anthony Trollope

…never think that you are not good enough yourself…My belief is that in life people will take you very much at your own reckoning. – Anthony Trollope

Anthony Trollope (1815-82) was an English novelist, primarily known for a series of novels known as the Chronicles of Barsetshire. Trollope was a prolific writer, known to set daily goals regarding how much he was going to write while also working as a postal inspector. Trollope also ran for the House of Commons in 1868 and finished last amongst four candidates.

…never think that you are not good enough yourself.

In any endeavor confidence is key. You must believe you have what it takes. It doesn’t matter the endeavor, either. It could be a tryout for the church choir or making a quilt for the county fair next summer or preparing for the Olympic Trials. Sometimes the difference between champion and runner-up is the champions deep-seated believe in himself. 

This deep-seated belief must be earned, however. You cannot go into an endeavor blindly believing in yourself because this is not confidence, this is cockiness, an emotion that does no one any good. Only when you enter the arena humbly and without expectation will the rewards come. Belief in yourself must be built on past success, confidence’s blade sharpened on the stone of experience.

My belief is that in life people will take you very much at your own reckoning…

How many times have you drawn conclusions about someone based on how they conducted or presented themselves? Probably a lot. Perhaps it was an opponent or someone you were interviewing for a job, how they projected themselves gave you a first impression, one that was probably pretty accurate.

It’s the same when people regard us. If we’re confident, if we look the part, if we exude energy and purpose people will sense that. If we’re slouched, or unenthusiastic or otherwise giving the impression of not being interested or caring, people will sense that, too.

Confidence is good. It is the sum of your experience and training, your efforts and your planning. While confidence itself does not guarantee success – there might be someone better than you – it is difficult to find success without it.

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